April Reflection and Meditation

April —  a time when the Earth is blossoming and waking up from its slumber. This is a period of change and openness for not only the Earth, but for us as well. The transitional times bring feelings of unease or wild thoughts surfacing. This month, focus on what reoccurring thoughts you have and how they are shaping your reality. Do you find yourself letting your fears or worries inhibit you from doing the things you want to do? Do you let the “what ifs” in life dictate your next move? Turn your awareness toward the power of your thoughts and see how they affect your life by asking — how are my thoughts influencing my reality?

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A Simple Guide to Grounding

When life gets hectic and you need to feel strong — ground. Welcome to Aries season, a month with an Aries new moon, and planets moving into Aries, and some wild retrogrades moving into Taurus season. All this fiery, initiating, impulsive energy can leave us begging for some earthy grounding. Sometimes life is a beautiful whirlwind that can leave us feeling muddled up.

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Tarot Card of the Month - April

Does your heart beat sound like a song? It wants to collide with another. Does it sound like a drum? It wants your attention. All you have to do is listen. A bond is forming in the space above earth and below stars. Watch what happens when you address it - the sky will turn pink. The 6th Major Arcana card is THE LOVERS!

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How to Fill Up Your Cup Each Day

Are you feeling depleted? Lacking energy? Falling deeply in the self-doubt rabbit hole, or the negativity whirlwind? Do you find yourself resenting something? Maybe life itself? Well, my love, all these symptoms can be alleviated. Slowly but surely, you can begin to fill up your cup when you feel depleted. I see it all the time in my circles and ceremonies — people struggling because they haven’t taken care of themselves in a very long time.

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Four Excuses to Let Go of Now

What is your biggest dream in life? What has stopped you form pursuing that dream? At the risk of sounding like a self-help extraordinaire, I am going to do my best to not have this sound like a “you can do anything just get your ass up and do it” kind of post. Rather, this is about the very real, very hard-to-let-go-of thoughts that come up whenever we’re about to do something big. It’s like a gag reflex in the face of something great — the thoughts come up and then it is our job to notice them and work through it. The world needs you to do your damn thing, it’s what you came here to do, my love! These thoughts have a name.., are you ready?

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April Featured Artists - Jade Eknaian of Dehv Candle Co. & Tate Eknaian of Toadstone Illustration

I found Teena on Instagram one day while looking for small clothing artists who use a natural dying process. As soon as I saw her magical creations, her inspiring dances, and her beautiful home and life, I knew that if even half of that magic translated into her clothes, I’d be cloaked in it every time I wore it. I highly suggest checking her work out and hearing her process. It’s soooo beautiful and made with so much love! 

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