Kozmic Ryder

Kozmic Ryder provides experiential kits, an online community, and in-person events for people to show up completely as they are with experiences that focus on the Self, Connection and Community.


You are the magic. Set it out, baby.


Kozmic Ryder is here to remind you of your unique magic and infuse it in every single thing you do — that is your life purpose. Kozmic Ryder provides experiential kits, an online community, and in-person events for people to show up completely as they are with experiences that focus on the Self, Connection and Community. There are no students and no masters here — it is a collective looking to transform the way life itself is perceived. You are sovereign, but never alone.

Kozmic Ryder helps break through the stereotypes, expectations and BS about what it means to be a “spiritual being” having a “spiritual experience.” Here, we drop the expectations and the pressure. Spirituality is in every person and in every moment. Whether you’re on the dance floor at a club or meditating on a mountain — you are here, alive, for a reason. Make it magical.

 Kozmic Ryder is for the ones who value empowerment, accessibility, connection, authenticity, and equality. It is time to hear your own messages. It is time to feel free, heard, safe, understood, empowered, worthy, and magical. Because you are. The journey can be solitary, virtual or with others – you choose, and Kozmic Ryder provides the tools.

Let’s rewrite stories and write new narratives. Let’s own every single strength and vulnerability. Let’s go deep into ourselves and impact our community. When you say yes to this journey, you say yes to igniting the fire that is inside of you, and letting it illuminate the direction you need to go in.
Kozmic Ryder is your reminder of why life is worth living. Connect with yourself, each other, the elements, the cosmos, and something higher. Life is not a dress rehearsal, let’s get everything we can out of it. Let’s do spirituality differently. Let’s all be open and curious, live with integrity, and totally, rawly authentic. And, most importantly, let’s laugh, listen to good music, connect, and feel it all.

Welcome to your life, glad you're here.


Explore the Kozmic world in each of the following areas:

The Self


These kits are experiences. They come with everything you need to take the first steps into your own journey to find your purpose, power, and personal magic. Go deep into the mysticisms of your own mind with the first kit, Lucid.


Lucid dreaming is a state of consciousness and awareness while you are dreaming. This is the most opportune way to go into the deepest parts of yourself and explore, while also gaining signs and symbols from a higher power.  You can tap into creativity, receive messages from something higher or your own subconscious, and discover parts of yourself you never could see.

Lucid is connected to the element of Ether, is all about realizing that there is magic in every mundane thing you do, starting with dreaming. The first step in owning your power is waking up to your subconscious. When you choose to immerse yourself here, you say yes to an adventure that is profound, powerful, and all yours. You say yes to using your own inner alchemy to turn the impossible, possible, going so fearlessly into your own truth that you become the protagonist of your own novel. You also say yes to becoming the author of your own book. You can write and rewrite and develop anything you would like. This is your first step towards coming home to yourself. The Lucid Kit leaves nothing out to fully own every part of this experience and embody it.


LUCID Zine + Journal:

Containing original artwork by Tate Eknaian, wisdom, guidance and poetry, the 28-page booklet was written by Ani to lead you through the ritual and explains the meaning and purpose of the contents in the kit.

LUCID Votive Candle:

A tall 8’’ candle, decked out with symbol- infused artwork by Tate Eknaian with plant based, sustainable wax in recycled votive glass.

LUCID Tea Blend: 

This tea uses fair trade, organic ingredients including Cronewort, Damiana, Chamomile and Peppermint that can help induce lucid dreaming.

LUCID Essential Oil Blend:

Crafted with Frankincense, Lavender Spike, Patchouli, Rosemary, Peppermint and Clary Sage, these essential oils have been used for centuries in mediation spirituality, and psychic awareness; they are also certified organic and cruelty-free.

Kozmic Cloth:

Inscribed with the phrase, “it is never far away” it serves as a tangible reminder to focus on your journey wherever you may go. Every Kozmic Ryder kit will come with a Kozmic Cloth with art by Tate Eknaian. They can be carried with you throughout the day, tied together and strung about to remind you of the work you’ve done, anything at all.

Palo Santo Stick:

Sustainably harvested from fallen trees, it is a powerful gift from the Earth to cleanse your space and clear out negativity. It helps to clear energy and welcomes good fortune, creativity and love.


A protectress and gate keeper, Amethyst can open up the mind to lucid dreaming and receiving messages, and helps lead you away from anything you are not ready for.

There is an extremely limited number of kits available online. If you feel the call, jump into it while you can.


Make Connections


A part of this experience is the option to connect with me and each other on the blog and social media, and share your thoughts, experiences, art, and process. Let’s open up social media to be used for good and genuine connection and be heard, showing up as both the students and the teachers.


On social pages, you can find astrology updates, energy forecasts, breaking down different teachings, tips on finding magic in the mundane, and information from all kinds of spiritual paths to help propel you into your own. There will be monthly eZines as well, packed with art, information, tips, and ideas on how to rock the cosmic energy of the month.


Meet Others


Part of finding your magic is setting it out, baby! Come explore different perspectives, hang out, have fun, and go deeper at events, ceremonies, circles, parties, and pop ups. From new and full moon cacao ceremonies, to an open space to listen and share perspectives and experiences, to teachings about redefining spirituality and rituals — this is your chance for us all to connect in person and have authentic conversation and experiences. This is also your opportunity to set out your magic and show up as you are, knowing you will be accepted, heard, respected, and ready to connect. These are the moments that remind you why life is worth livin’!

Check back soon for scheduled events near you!



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