Tarot Card of the Month - April

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Does your heart beat sound like a song? It wants to collide with another. Does it sound like a drum? It wants your attention. All you have to do is listen. A bond is forming in the space above earth and below stars. Watch what happens when you address it - the sky will turn pink.

The 6th Major Arcana card is THE LOVERS! And this is the card that presented itself to me when thinking about our month ahead. This is one of the most beautiful cards in the deck, illustrating a scene of love between two nude figures. The man and woman both stand confident but vulnerable, under the healing love of Archangel Raphael. We see the tree of knowledge to the right of the card, and the tree of life on the left, capturing the duality of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine coming together in union. This captivating love scene is a very important part Tarot, and people usually light up when they pull this one. We are faced with The Lovers when we are involved in meaningful relationships, of course, but there is more to this card than just romantic love. There is an opportunity for you to grow your emotional body right now- to open up like a flower to your loved one, bearing your soul and thriving in that space of vulnerability. Authentic communication is the key to deep love, whether it’s with another soul or with yourself! Look at the two figures in the card- they are both confident and comfortable in their own skin. We must put as much effort into loving ourselves as we do anything else. This card is also representative of a physical sexuality. Check in with yourself and your partner about your sexual union, now is the time to connect on that deep level of intimacy. Are you present? Engaged? Empowered? At this time, there are two parts of one entity that are craving to unite, how does this translate into your own life? You could be faced with some choices to make this month in regards to love. Move forward in love with respect, honesty, openness, and authenticity. The Lovers card is not just related to romantic love, but any love..family, friends, the self.. Our relationship to that love is what’s being called to the stage. Re-examine your belief system, your spirituality and personal goals- what’s serving you? What should undergo a change or an upgrade?

Close your eyes and imagine you are stepping into The Lovers Tarot card. How does it feel in there? Is the air heavy or light? Still or windy? Take note of those small details. If you feel drawn to the lovers or to the angel, go ahead and approach them. You can ask them anything you want, or maybe you just want to bask in the sun rays near the mountain. You will get whatever you need. This is about healing, and this is about you. XOXO


Astro Ruler: Gemini

Element: Air

Number: 6 - Harmony, safety, healing

Stone: Alexandrite, Rhodolite Garnet, Agate

Your tools: Vulnerability, love, contemplation, pleasure, authenticity

Put on the song “Help Me” by Joni Mitchell and dance to your heart’s content!

With love and encouragement,


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