April Reflection and Meditation

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April —  a time when the Earth is blossoming and waking up from its slumber. This is a period of change and openness for not only the Earth, but for us as well. The transitional times bring feelings of unease or wild thoughts surfacing. This month, focus on what reoccurring thoughts you have and how they are shaping your reality. Do you find yourself letting your fears or worries inhibit you from doing the things you want to do? Do you let the “what ifs” in life dictate your next move? Turn your awareness toward the power of your thoughts and see how they affect your life by asking — how are my thoughts influencing my reality?

Step One

Make yourself at peace. Turn off your electronics, find a spot where you will remain undisturbed, and set the tone with some incense, candles, and maybe even some calm music. Once you are settled, sink into your body. Let yourself feel grounded in a seated position. Close your eyes or drift into a soft gaze by focusing on the candle’s flame.

Step Two

Begin to breathe deeply, and let every breath immerse you into a meditative state. Let your thoughts go, and if you find your mind wandering, simply observe the thought rather than judging them and return to your breath for guidance. Embrace the knowledge that you are supported in your journey and you have a team supporting you. Start to introduce the question — how are my thoughts influencing my reality?

Step Three

Start your mediation by reflecting on the thoughts that help you thrive. What truly brings you joy? Is it cooking? Is it your relationships? Is it belly laughs? Or maybe it’s a new tea you found, or a delicious smelling new oil blend. It can be something really big, like your family, or the simplest pleasure. Introduce these thoughts consciously. Your joy has a domino effect on others, and soon you will find yourself surrounded by situations and people that uplift you. There are things in life that are beautiful and good and available when you need them.

Step Four

Now, reflect on the thoughts that make you feel vulnerable or insecure. Any thought that brings up your fears or doubts. We've all doubted ourselves before — it's human. The trick is to catch yourself, and reroute your psyche. How have these thoughts protected you in the past? Do you still need them now? What part of your inner child is coming out when you think these thoughts, and what nourishment do you truly need?

Step Five

The point of this reflection and meditation is not to avoid negative thoughts. These negative thoughts are not going to attract horrible situations to you, contrary to popular manifestation beliefs. The point is, we all have thoughts that are formed out of a time where we needed to protect ourselves the best way we could. This month, take a look at the ones you’re ready to part with. Maybe it is stories of unworthiness, or not being lovable, or that humanity is not to be trusted or loved. When you actually look at the wound, you can begin to heal it from the root.

April is a time of openness, making it the ideal time to journey into the curiosities of your own consciousness. You are a complex and divine being capable of attracting the experiences you desire. Embrace the energy from the many people that are doing this same meditation this month. It is a powerful reminder that we are all connected and in this together.

What did you discover about the impact your thoughts have on your reality? Share your experience by commenting below. We’re all in this together, my loves. Happy journeying.