Priestess offerings & workshops

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Here are some of the workshops and sessions I offer. For personal, one on one, or custom rituals, ceremonies, altar buildings, and sessions, please reach out to me by email,

Befriending the Darkness - Embracing the Radical Way to Self-Love

This transmission is about the radical way to self-love and acceptance — looking at your shadow. Shadow work is a huge gateway to self-love in the teachings of the divine feminine. Here, we will look at what it means to look at the parts of yourself that you think are shameful, unworthy, unattractive, and find the gift there. In a lot of modern day spirituality, the “light” is often celebrated while the darkness is ignored. The divine feminine says that the darkness in you and in life is the place of rebirth, the womb-space of healing. Are you ready?


Permission for Pleasure — A Guide to (actually) Being Present and Liking It

Are you ready to start enjoying your life? With so much pressure, commitments, social media, distractions and challenges in life, it is so easy to shut out, shut down, and be turned off to life. In this workshop, we create anchors to fully come back into our bodies, and *actually* open ourselves up to receiving pleasure in the simple joys of life. We will work with the senses to activate codes and open up to expansion of pleasure. Through meditations, movement, essential oils, breath, experiences, check-ins, and energetic healing work, we will say yes to coming back home to our bodies and yes to pleasure.


Intro to the Priestess Arts Activation

When you hear the word priestess, what do you feel? Do you hear the call? Even if you have no idea what a priestess is, if you feel drawn to the word, this workshop is for you. In this experience, we will deep dive into what it is to be a priestess in our modern society, how to step into our power, how to embody it in every mundane situation, and how to help facilitate this changing world with grace, power, and beauty.


Pathway to Power Ceremony

We see so many things about "empowerment" that is has almost become convoluted. What exactly is power? What is personal power? Well, in this group, we will start to define what that could be in sacred circle, learn about our own sovereign personal power, identify what has been standing in your way with guided meditations, breathing exercise to cleanse, clear, and become embodied, and a ceremony to reclaim and stand in our power.


Healing and Magic for Kids

Wanting your little one to learn about crystals, the elements, and the idea of intention setting and sacred spaces? In this workshop omni-faith circle, we will teach the young ones the basics of energy, breath work, and folklore in a gentle and loving way that allows them to be heard, seen, and honored.

How to Create a Sacred Space & Altar 

Curious on how to create a sacred space at home? Wondering what to do with it and what magic it can bring you? In this workshop, we go into how to create a home altar in a way that suits your needs. From dresser drawers, to whole rooms, to your desk at work, to your car — make it sacred. We will deep dive into the elements and what they represent, find your sacred symbols, and work with understanding energy. 


Honoring the Body —Circle and Ritual for Body Positivity  

How many of us deal with unhealthy relationships with our bodies? Or feel out of our bodies, or ungrounded, or feel shame in our skin? In this healing circle, we will start to unpack the emotions we have towards our bodies. Come to be heard, seen, witnessed, and cared for. Then, we will move on to a sensual embodiment practice, a healing meditation, a body honoring ceremony, and finally dropping into sacred dance. 



A Guide to Manifestation and Intention Setting

Having trouble manifesting what you want? Feeling frustrated with the whole culture? Not really sure what manifesting really means? This workshop is for you. This is an opportunity to go beyond the surface-level ideas of manifesting, working through the panic and intense desire of manifestation and into a place of empowerment, surrender, and flow. We will talk about the difference between complacency and surrender, getting to the root of why we want what we want, and writing out our intentions in the highest way, and finish with ceremoniously offering them up to the cosmos. 


Equinox and Solstice Celebration, Ceremonies, and Circles

Celebrating the holy days and the markers of transition is way to engage with change in life, in nature, and within yourself. By ceremoniously marking these dates, where the Earth begins to shift, you are consciously choosing to surrender, let go, and embrace transition. With that, magic arrives. Reconnect with the rhythm of nature and the mystery of the unknown in these circles. 


Red Tent Ceremony

The Red Tent is a world-wide phenomenon that is the art of sacred circle for women and femme identifying people. It is all about reclaiming our sacred rites, being seen and witnessed, and healing the wounds of the feminine together. 


Energy 101

What is energy, you ask? How can you feel it and work with it? How can you have strong boundaries when someone’s energy is draining you? To be in control of your energy is to fully step into your power and show up in the world with strength. You can work with and shift the energy in a room, you can work with your own aura, and you can center and ground yourself when you need to. You can also use your energy to charge up power items and crystals and set your intention. It is the ultimate form of self-care and self-empowerment. Are you ready to work your magic?


Practical Magic 101

Does the spiritual world seem intimidating to you? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the manifestation culture, or with the slew of information about the moon, crystals, divination, elements, holy days, and all things magic? Well, take a deep breath, because it is time to take all of these far out ideas and ground them out in a super simple, practical, every day way. Led by Practical Priestess Ani, who embodies the magic in the mundane, we will go through all the basics of spirituality and magic, explain the history and science behind it all, and show tips, tricks, and tools for any and every faith.


Creating Morning and Nighttime Ritual

How many of us feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed at the beginning of the day? How about at the end, feeling depleted, stressed, and feeling overwhelm for the next day? By creating morning and nighttime ritual, you weave a life of magic and pleasure. It is time to start actually living. Morning and nighttime routines and rituals helps to change the way we engage with the world around us and ourselves. In this workshop, we will go over breathing techniques, meditations, ritual ideas, and ways to cultivate a deeper connection to your creativity, intuition, pleasure, and relationships to everything. And the best part? Your ritual is personal, just for you, with your time and presence in mind. 


Crafting, Connection, and Hot Cacao 

In this circle, we will do the ancient art of crafting with a community circle. From making intention candles, to essential oil blends, to vision boarding, to sacred objects for your space or body, we will be creating together over a steaming cup of fresh cacao, with music, dancing, laughing, and healing.


Honoring Sisterhood-Women’s Circle

For centuries, women have been taught to be against each other. From the fall of the priestesshoods to the witch trials and so many more in between, we have endured a great deal of betrayal, competition, and fear with each other. In this circle, we claim connection over competition, support over betrayal, and love over fear. This is our step to rewrite a new paradigm where women can be seen, heard, witnessed, and authentically express themselves as they are without trying to be anything else. Come, be real, and celebrate our stories and truth as we sit in circle over a hot cup of tea and share true expression. Show up exactly as you are and together, we will heal the sisterhood.

***ALL women are welcome here, that means women across the gender spectrum, including trans-women, women of all ages, women of color, refugee women, and women who are immigrants. This is a safe space to heal.