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Tarot of the Month - Ace of Cups

Only when it rains do I realize I’m an empty cup, and the water feels like honey. Gently open up to the idea of blessings year-round, free of charge.  

I am so happy to introduce the ACE OF CUPS this month! August will be full of love, free flowing emotions and brand new sparks of joy. July brought the eclipses and Mercury retrograde, and while intensity is beautiful, it can also be exhausting. August will feel like the exhale following July’s big inhale. Let’s talk about this cards radiant energy and how we can utilize it!

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Tarot Card of the Month - June

Something new is starting, are you prepared? It’s ok if you are not. You are unlocking unlimited potential, but your innocence is revered. It’s windy where you are headed, keep your smile and believe in purpose. Well.. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the month than with THE FOOL! Let’s talk about the presence of this elusive, innocent character. He likes to show himself to us when there is a new opportunity knocking on the door.

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Tarot Card of the Month - May

Have you ever seen your own eyes in the light of the sun? Imagine it. The sparks flying, illumination, the eyes of a visionary. You have the power to manifest your wildest dream come true.  The KING OF WANDS has made a grand entrance this May! This is a court card- also referred to as “FIRE of FIRE” because King’s represent fire, and the suit of wands represent fire. Double fire is double passion. Before diving into the meaning of the card- let’s gaze into it.

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Tarot Card of the Month - April

Does your heart beat sound like a song? It wants to collide with another. Does it sound like a drum? It wants your attention. All you have to do is listen. A bond is forming in the space above earth and below stars. Watch what happens when you address it - the sky will turn pink. The 6th Major Arcana card is THE LOVERS!

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