A Simple Guide to Grounding


When life gets hectic and you need to feel strong — ground.

Welcome to Aries season, a month with an Aries new moon, and planets moving into Aries, and some wild retrogrades moving into Taurus season. All this fiery, initiating, impulsive energy can leave us begging for some earthy grounding. Sometimes life is a beautiful whirlwind that can leave us feeling muddled up.

This is a time to take care of yourself. You have a unique way of moving about the earth, beloved. You have your own cosmic blueprint, your own stories, your own way of being that has brewed into the you that you are.

That’s why you need very real ways of comforting and grounding yourself. You need to care for you in a way that actually resonates. When were walking through this life, having our own unique bodies, experiences, minds, and souls — it is so easy to feel alone, or feel tossed around like a plastic bag in the wind on a busy New York City street.

The good news, dear one, is that no matter who comes or goes in your life, what happens, you have support. You are held. You are worthy of care and comfort. The world needs you and you need youth ground in your body and feel the support of the earth beneath you, the fire within you, the water rushing through you, and the wind flowing in and out of you.

You, my love, are elemental. Cosmically connected and earth bound. With all the spiritual work that is being done, it is important to take it back to the earth and ground yourself and the messages out to make it real. These practices will give you strength and stability when you need it the most.

Use the Earth

The easiest and most simple way to ground yourself is through a practice of putting your bare feet on the earth. It has been said that this helps to reduce stress and make you feel present, vibrant, and at ease. No matter the weather outside, even putting your feet on the ground for 30 seconds has the ability to make you feel calmer and grounded. Use this when you are feeling spacey or checked out to feel comforted and vivacious.

Move Your Body

Exercising does not have to be hard or strenuous, or take place in the company of others. You can simply turn on your favorite music and let your body flow. Or walking might be your best bet. Or moving your body in whatever way you physically can that feels good. Whatever you choose, exercise is key to feeling grounded in day-to-day life. It not only releases endorphins that make you feel great, it guides you away from television and tablets and towards turning your awareness to your physical body, grounding your energy.

Immerse Yourself in Water

Take a shower or bath, jump in a pool or lake, or let the ocean waves wash over you. These flowing energies will allow you to feel at home and present. Water turns your awareness to your senses which is a potent way of becoming grounded. When things get stressful, overwhelming, or confusing, your body’s natural reaction might be to detach and zone out. Combat that by going through all your emotions while being supported by the water around you. This is a powerful and lifelong way to support yourself when you go deep within.


What is meditation anyway? It is actually just being aware and present in the moment. In other words, tuning into your body and feeling every itch, ping, pain, or sensation, noticing the smells and sounds around you, and sitting in stillness in that moment. Meditation, stillness, and silence are crucial for feeling calm and comfortable with yourself. With the surge of information via social media, it is super hard to commit to this. Find a brief period of time to disengage and become present. Let your thoughts pass, focus on a symbol of your choice, and wear a stone like onyx to settle down. Let your body and mind come back to their home base.

You are in a body. You are human. You are on this Earth. Make it real, make it connected, make it grounded, stable, and strong. It can be easy to get swept up in life’s obligations and trials. Always find ways to comfort yourself and go through your process with strength. These are only a few simple ways to ground yourself daily, if you have a way you love to ground yourself, comment below and share your wisdom!