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October Featured Artist - Courtney Baker Of Gold Fever Glass

I first came across Courtney on Instagram, and was instantly struck by her designs. I mean… how could you not be? Her art provoked so much feeling from me - a sense of nostalgia, of longing, of fun, and of other-wordly beauty (Seriouslydid you see the Pussy Portals?)

Take a trip with her and see all of what she has to offer. From words of wisdom to amazing freakin’ stained glass - She’s a badass.

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August Featured Artist - Graell Corsini

This month, we’re doing things a little differently. Graell is one of my most amazing teachers, who witnessed my own priestess initiation, self-marriage, and countless tears and belly laughs. Here is an interview with her that teaches how we can all be priestessing on a daily basis, regardless of gender or life paths. She is a badass. And walks her talk. I hope you enjoy this magic creatrix and all of her wise words.

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July Featured Artists - Alexandrea Staples of Staples Ceramics & Tabbatha Quintal of Whiskey Rebellion Clothing

I first found Alex on Instagram, and my mind was blown by her amazing work. All of my reusable coffee mugs are from her! From planters to mugs, her art supercharges what I eat and drink. Tabbatha, who I also came across on Instagram, is an amazing creatrix of the most rock n roll baddass clothing. Her work evokes such a strong feeling of empowerment and nostalgia. Check out these magical mamas!

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