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You Don't Have to be Good

So much of the puritanical ways have seeped into modern day spirituality it blows my mind. The idea of being pious. Being holier than thou. The angel of the household. What if I told you that you were already born with your divinity? What if I told you that the way to truly access it is through your brilliant, powerful humanity. 

And I have found that so much of modern day spirituality is riddled with still trying to be “good” and “saintly.” 

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Embracing Humanity in the Throes of Life

A spiritual teacher that I follow posted something that made me take a long deep pause at the end of my night. I was laying in bed, scrolling through my feed, and saw a them say something along the lines of every good thing you’ve ever done is lost the second you lash out or criticize a loved one. My eyes shot open wide and I immediately went into reflection.

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What is the Inner Child, Anyway?

With all this cosmic Cancerian energy that is permeating in the air, a mercury and Chiron retrograde coming up, and a couple of eclipses, our inner children are coming out to play in a big way.  Carl Jung coined one of the most prominent theories in psychology we use today — the divine child. In reality, the child doesn’t always seem so divine in practice, but they totally are. 

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