October Kozmic Guidance — A Time Finding Magic in the Darkest Depths


October is filled with opportunities for love, healing, and reflection.  October has always been known for its transformative, deep, dark, magical nature. Even the most mundane activities seem to have a flare of magic. This month, as Pluto goes direct, Mercury goes retrograde, the veils are thinning, Samhain is amongst us, and Scorpio season begins, be one with nature. Get comfortable with being in the dark, the night, the unknown, the wombspace where you will be reborn. Magic is afoot — embrace each day’s divinity. There are gifts for you this month. 

October 3rd — Pluto Direct in Capricorn, Mercury Enters Scorpio

Pluto has been retrograde since April 24th, and now she moves forward once again. Petite and powerful Pluto is the planet of slow moving of truth and transformation and asks you to surrender all that is not real. It is in charge of our shadow selves and our subconscious mind. When it goes retrograde, meaning the appearance of the planet is moving backwards and the energy shifts, it allows you to take a look at anything that was controlling you, whether it be relationships, thought patterns, or even your own behaviors that have been holding you back. 

Now, Pluto is back direct. Meditate today on what situations, thoughts, or obstacles have occurred over these past few months. Ask yourself — what habits, thoughts, or relationships did I realize controlled me or held me back? What do I want to rebuild, rewrite, or write off? How did my relationship how I show up in the world and what I believe in and give my power to shift? 

Chances are, you found yourself questioning yourself and others and how they have impacted you. This is a necessary process that guides you to your ultimate freedom. Now that Pluto is back direct, you can actively do something about confronting those truths and taking them head on. We all have something to improve, and now that you have seen the truth, it is time to do something about it. 

October 4th — Mars Enters Libra

The fiery planet of action, assertion, and doing enters the beauty oriented sign of Libra. This is a time when we can take all of our creative visions and make them happen. We can also cultivate really beautiful connections during this transit as well. This is a potent opportunity to dig deep into your relationships, and reflect on how you want to show up in relationship. What kind of friend, partner, child, or sibling do you want to be? How do you want to take up space in relationship? 

This is also an incredible time to show up for what is right and just. Since Libra is all about justice and equality, and Mars is the warrior planet, reflect on what it is you want to protect in this world. What is precious to you? What or who needs your guardianship? Channel all that passionate energy into creating a world we all want to live in. 

October 8th — Venus Enters Scorpio

When was the last time you had a connection with someone that resonated in your soul? That charged you so deeply, you felt more alive? Now is the time for those connections. Cheap appreciation takes a back seat as the planet of love and relationships enters the mystic and serious sign of Scorpio. Expect passion, intensity, depth, and a deep sense of closeness. You may feel suspicious of your partner, maybe even a little mistrusting. Be open, honest, and respectful and be aware of your own shadow in relationship. This will bring the most yummiest, beautiful, impassioned sense of romance. 

October 13th — Full Moon in Aries

Happy full moon in Passionate Aries, my love!

This moon is all about illuminating passion — now is a potent time to ask yourself, how do I channel my passionate energy? Aries is all about the self, it is the first sign of the zodiac that tends to be self-oriented. It is fiery, warrior-like energy that, when directed correctly, can make major moves in paving the way for things that excite and delight you. 

Now is a beautiful night to reflect and celebrate all the things you’ve created from passion — whether it was a relationship, a child, a business, a book, a home, or a meal. We are so used to focusing on where we have to go that we don’t often celebrate how far we’ve come. Full moons embody celebration and release, and so tonight, do just that. 

It is also a potent night to tune into your sexual energy. With all this Scorpio and Aries energy, tonight would be great to spend some time tuning into this potent, powerful, life force energy inside of you. If you’ve been feeling depleted or overwhelmed, this could be an extremely healing experience. Tune into what turns you on, what makes you feel that passion, and what is pleasurable to you. I have a whole entire ritual for this here, if you are wanting to give it a go. 

October 23rd — Sun Enters Scorpio

Now the sun enters emotionally intense Scorpio, marking the beginning of Scorpio’s season, even if we’ve been feeling it for a while. The beautiful part of the sun in Scorpio is this is the most potent and profound opportunity to feel and heal it all. Your emotions come up for a reason — not to be suppressed, but to nourish and be taken care of. Comfort and nurture yourself. Be gentle and tender. You have all the passionate energy in the world right now — you can turn it on yourself or others and drown or you can channel all of that energy into something bigger. Think of something you believe in, or something you want to know more about. Let the intense, inquisitive, transformative energy of Scorpio serve you by owning it. This time can be amazingly powerful if you let it be. 

Focus on healing, on forgiveness, on love that goes beyond ego and into compassion and watch what comes your way.

October 27th — New Moon in Scorpio

New moons are all about going in, starting new, getting clear on what you need, and planting the seeds to attain it. This new moon is in intense Scorpio, and that means the energy is channeled even more inward with a highlight on rebirth, transformation, and deep emotions. What are you feeling? What is coming up for you? The night sky is vast and dark with new moons, and our own depth of feeling matches the landscape. In this place of darkness, we can be reborn and transform. Scorpio energy also connects us with our own unique spirituality and magic. This moon asks you — what are you ready to look at, shed, and transform?  

Nothing that comes up is an accident. Scorpio energy craves depth and getting to the bottom of things, so use this opportunity to not treat the symptoms of the problem you are facing, but to get to the root of it and nourish it. The moon is asking you to enter your own darkness — she will help guide you home. Are you ready?

October 31st — Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, Samhain, Halloween 

Happy Samhain, my loves! They call this day the “witch’s new year” because it is marking the beginning of entering the darkness. The last week of October is when the veil is at its thinnest throughout history. The veil is the line between this earthly realm and the spirit realm. The ancient celts called this time Samhain (pronounced sow-win), The Mexican tradition calls it Día de Muertos, and it eventually became All Saints Day with the rise of Christianity. 

What all of these have in common is the belief that the line between the living world and the other world has become almost nonexistent, and our ancestors and loved ones who crossed over are easily accessible. Physic downloads come with ease, communication with higher beings are a breeze, and magic is afoot. I have a full ritual, as well as the history and some more wisdom on Samhain here

Mercury, which is now retrograde, enters the intense sign of Scorpio. This planet of communication and thoughts embraces that Scorpion and having it be retrograde means we turn those thoughts inward and towards situations in our past. We are going all the way in. Past wounds may surface and be projected on current situations, but they are coming up to be looked at and heal. You may feel the need to search for some hidden truth, as Scorpio loves to get to the root and truth of everything. Turn that obsessiveness into creative passion, take a deep breath, and channel it into something you would be proud of.

This is an incredibly potent time for some deep digging into the self, meaning an incredibly powerful time to heal

Happy October, my loves. The winds of change are coming in nature, in spirit, and in you…are you ready?