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Ceremony, Tools, and Astrology for August’s Aquarian Full Moon

Happy full moon in forward thinking, rebellious, radical, realized Aquarius, my love. 

Think about the sign Aquarius, all about change, breaking away from institutions, dated ways of doing things, and old social paradigms that need to go. This is an opportunity to do your personal part to help the world evolve. The full moon is all about celebration and release — so use this as your chance to see where you fit in with the way the world is growing. 

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August Reflection and Meditation

August — the sun is hot and huge, the air is dry, but there is an element of transition in the air as we begin to move into the next season. With all this happening, it is a powerful time to figure out where you want to channel your energy the most. Life can get hectic, and your energy can become scattered and less powerful. This month, let your focus be your driving force into happiness and fulfillment. Hone in on your truth — ask yourself: Which part of my life needs more focus?

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Ceremony, Tools, and Astrology for July’s Capricorn Full Moon and Eclipse

Happy full Moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn, Loves! As I mentioned earlier, eclipses are super powerful versions of new and full moons. Tonight’s full moon is supercharged, meaning important closure and celebration and feels could be surfacing. 

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Ceremony, Tools, and Astrology for July’s New Moon and Eclipse

Happy new moon and solar eclipse, my loves. The new moon in cancer is a deeply emotional time of going inward, feeling cozy, held, and protected, and feeling all the feels. A solar eclipse makes this a new moon on steroids, with lasting impacts that can unfold over the course of the next six months. Since Cancer is a water sign, and the new moon invites people to go inward and feel it all, a lot of emotions may come up, especially relating to the inner child.

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July Meditation and Reflection

July is a time when the sun is high — the days are longer, the nights are filled with smoke from bonfires and laughter, and people are looking for any reason to be in celebration. There is a strong desire for happiness and harmony during this month, and July serves us cosmic cocktail of connection and sometimes confusion. While you’re in the flow of this month, find some time for yourself to unwind and disengage. With so much energy around you, ask yourself — what is my intention in what I’m doing?

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