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Why Do Personal Ritual?

Let me start by saying — almost every single time I am about to do a personal ritual, I feel resistance. I always brew some tea, put on something silky and loose, head downstairs to my magic room, and start lighting my candles and incense with a tiny feeling of dread.  Maybe it is from years of numbing out on my phone every time I was alone. Or maybe it is because at my core I am social and would rather spend my time with others. Or maybe, just maybe, it is because I really fucking need it. Yes. Definitely that one.

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June Reflection and Meditation

June is here, a time for shedding — sweat, layers, and habits. Watch as all your seasonal blues begin to dissipate during this bright time. Now is the time of release. Typically when the warmer weather arrives, we naturally begin to make wiser self-love choices by moving our bodies more, being more social, and spending more time outside. It creates the perfect space for letting go. This month, ask yourself every night — what can I release tonight?

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May Reflection and Meditation

Look around outside — May seems… gentle. Life is softly blooming, things are fragile, new birth has arrived. Now is a time to fully immerse yourself in a deep meditation, and the theme is a reflection of the state of the Earth right now — gentleness. In what ways can you be more gentle to yourself, the people you love, or even the people who you don’t agree with? Focus on — what ways can I be more gentle?  When we tread softly on our path, we can embody genuine strength. Now, let’s begin the journey.

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