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How to Create a Sacred Space at Home

When you think of your home, what comes to mind?  Your home is a living, breathing energetic being. Think about it — it holds some of your best and worst memories, your dreams you have there, your laughter, your tears, your meals, and the more you tend to it, the more alive it becomes. It has your own energetic blueprint infused with it. This means it can become a power center for you to recharge, set out intentions, and come alive.

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Get Cozy — Essential Oil Blends for Fall

There are many ways to celebrate the arrival of fall — Halloween movies, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything to name a few. However, there is something extra powerful and comforting about the scents of fall.

There is magic is afoot, and I say we get as sensory as possible to welcome in all the good autumn juju that can enhance our magic and good feelings. I have crafted these essential oil blends to welcome in the winds of change and to embrace every ounce of fall coziness. Embrace these synergies to inspire nostalgia, comfort, relaxation, and enchantment.

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