Why Come to Ceremony and Circle?


Every month I host a new and full moon ritual, circle, and ceremony. The magic goes far beyond the ritual itself. It is in the community, camaraderie, and humanity that transpires every time someone sits down to be heard and seen, maybe for the first time authentically in their lives.

I remember my first ceremony. I was terrified. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, if it was going to be too “witchy” or far out, who was going to be there, or if I was “spiritual enough” to be taking part. But I gathered my guts and off I went to the Goddess Temple. I was shaking when I went, but there was this need inside of me that sang stronger than discomfort. As I entered the dome, something ancient began to brew. A remembrance, if you will…

We sat in circle over candlelight that ignited a fire in my entire being. It only took one circling to know I was to do this with my life. I always held my own personal ritual, but to sit with others through the darkest nights and the biggest celebrations was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

We live in a world where we don’t have the same containers, the same safe spaces, that were held back in ancient times. There were priestess hoods and temples, circles and lodges, where people could go and be authentically witnessed. We experience these life-changing situations on a daily basis, things change in an instant, and then we have no place to go and process it and be held. When I say held and witnessed, I mean no one tries to fix you, give unsolicited advice, or tell you that you should change. You come exactly as you are, with everything you’re carrying, and you find support as we all toast to your truth.

This may sound a little far out, because it absolutely is. To be witnessed is an act of divinity for both the person speaking and the person listening. We go around in a circle and take up space, share our deepest truths in front of almost perfect strangers, claiming our power in our vulnerability. And no one responds to you. We simply lift our cups of tea and cheers you, taking a deep breath in your honor. It is a sacred empty presence in a safe and held container while you process.

Every single experience you are having is not just for you. You never know what codes your story unlocks inside others. Listening to you speak your truth could unearth something so deep inside someone else, and for the first time in a long time, you both can experience a sense of freedom and belonging.

In a world that is filled with social media, with everyone seeming like they have their shit together, and putting their best foot forward, isolation at an all time high. To sit and come as you are, and show up for yourself and others is groundbreaking.

And something magic happens here. We all come with our own judgments, fears, and stories. And as we share them, as we go deeper, we realize that we are so connected in our experiences. That one thing that made you feel shame, or lonely, or unlovable, or the thing that you thought no one else felt or dealt with, or the thing you think makes you unworthy, can be found in anyone. Suddenly our judgments drop. The person you thought a huge bitch hugs you and holds extra space for you after the ceremony. The person you thought kinda strange turns out to be going through something you’ve experienced, and you shed a tear for them. The intimidating person whose life is perfect takes the time to fall apart in front of you.

So in actuality, it is not very “woo woo.” It is necessary. It is reclaiming what we as human beings so desperately need — each other.