Ceremonies & Events

Part of finding your magic is setting it out, baby! Come explore different perspectives, hang out, have fun, and go deeper at events, ceremonies, circles, parties, and pop ups. From new and full moon cacao ceremonies, to an open space to listen and share perspectives and experiences, to teachings about redefining spirituality and rituals — this is your chance for us all to connect in person and have authentic conversation and experiences.

This is also your opportunity to set out your magic and show up as you are, knowing you will be accepted, heard, respected, and ready to connect. These are the moments that remind you why life is worth livin’!


kozmic ryder store visit - soho

decembmber 8, 2018

Come see Ani at Alex and Ani Soho, where she will be helping to host a holiday event! She will be talking about Lucid dreaming and explaining everything about the Lucid kits. This is a perfect time to connect, share stories, have a good laugh, and open up to the magic of dreaming.

kozmic ryder forum launch

december 16, 2018

We are officially launching out Kozmic Ryder forum where we will have an open platform to share dreams, perspectives, truth, and stories. Part of the Kozmic Ryder experience is opening up the platform for everyone to have a voice, and now we do! Check out the launch of the forum where we will be talking about dream symbols!

a guide to intention setting & magic in the new year at bohemian bias

decembmber 19, 2018

Come join us with our friends at Bohemian Bias for an evening of intention setting and magic to prepare for the new year! More details to be announced this week, and be sure to sign up for our email list to be the first to know!