Ceremonies & Events

Part of finding your magic is setting it out, baby! Come explore different perspectives, hang out, have fun, and go deeper at events, ceremonies, circles, parties, and pop ups. From new and full moon cacao ceremonies, to an open space to listen and share perspectives and experiences, to teachings about redefining spirituality and rituals — this is your chance for us all to connect in person and have authentic conversation and experiences.

This is also your opportunity to set out your magic and show up as you are, knowing you will be accepted, heard, respected, and ready to connect. These are the moments that remind you why life is worth livin’!


Honoring the Body — Circle and Ritual for Body Positivity

apr 28, 2019 - 7:00pm - 9:00 PM at soma space in portland, or

How many of us deal with unhealthy relationships with our bodies? Or feel out of our bodies, or ungrounded, or feel shame in our skin? In this healing circle, we will start to unpack the emotions we have towards our bodies. Come to be heard, seen, witnessed, and cared for. Then, we will move on to a sensual embodiment practice, a healing meditation, sound healing, a body honoring ceremony, and finally dropping into sacred dance.

We are asking $15 dollar donation - but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

This is an all faith, all race, all gender, all body circle and ceremony. Everyone is welcome.