September Tarot of the Month - Temperance




Personal growth is the key to the human experience. Do you have wings? The light of the sun closer than we think, maybe it’s within our own bodies. 

Earlier in the year, a family member gave me one of those adult coloring books for my birthday (thanks, Deb!), and it was Tarot themed. Lately I have been channeling my nervous or anxious energy into coloring- I love it! Last week, I was flipping through the book trying to decide which card to color in (the book features all 78 cards in the Rider-Waite deck to choose from). It’s also a great opportunity to tune in, and exercise my intuition. Anyways, I landed on TEMPERANCE, and it felt totally right. I spent the next 2 hours coloring in The Temperance card scene, and watching Columbo. Not only was I able to be creative and pick fun colors that resonated with me in the moment, but I could reflect deeply on the meaning of this card. 

Temperance is the fourteenth card of the Tarot- and it always appears at just the right time. This card is beyond gorgeous, its main attraction being the radiant angel with big red wings. She stands before us, with the alchemical symbol of the sun on her forehead, and the symbol of fire on her chest. As she pours water between two chalices, her expression is calm, all-knowing, modest, neutral. The landscape she is within only enhances her power. A clear pathway is seen coming from the pool of water she stands in- passing through rolling hills. The path leads us to an illuminated, gold crown hovering above the mountains in the distance. Even though the artwork measures under five inches, Angel Temperance seems larger than life. 

I think it makes a lot of sense that I pulled Temperance when meditating on our September 2019. September is usually a month of re-organization and activity. Summers heat is waning, and our daily lives start to reform. Temperance is a great ally to have when entering this month- as she is a master of integration. Think of her as a more spiritual version of Lady Justice (featured on card 11). There is a need for balance within the individual, rather than in a diplomatic sense. She is here to help facilitate a healthy coexistence between the mind and the body. Temperance represents both the feminine, and the masculine aspects of our beings - the yin and the yang. The way she is blending the water between the chalices is symbolic - how can we use the power of alchemy to create the highest functioning version of ourselves? What can we reduce, amplify, mix, blend? Temperance wants us to act like bartenders of the soul (that would be a killer band name). Utilize the elements- restore balance between the earth, air, water, and fire within you. 

You may experience new projects on your to-do list, or new relationships to cultivate. The key is to go about things mindfully. Temperance likes to appear amongst chaos and gently clear it out with intention. Go slow- put heart into what you're working on. This is a great time to see a new therapist or doctor or to take a new class. Pay attention to your health, and if you have found that meditation is challenging for you- try again this month. “Shutting off your mind” is damn near impossible, but being still and listening to your thoughts and your body is beneficial - that’s what helps a seed take to the soil. Take note of your emotional state and how it evolves throughout the month. For example- blockages, instability, tiredness, extreme mental activity, lack of motivation.. Temperance can be your guide here- helping you to avoid excess, and fostering a safe space to find your center. The sun enters Libra this month, and Libra is the sign of equilibrium- thriving on fairness and balance. This couldn't be more harmonious with Temperance!

The influence of Temperance will not satisfy instant gratification- but will be directed towards the greater good. You can see this in the artwork, represented by the clear pathway leading to the crown in the background- she aids us in long term success. Small changes add up to full blown transformations, and as long as we keep one foot on land and one foot in the water (just like Angel Temperance), we can explore our spiritual bodies while remaining grounded on earth. All the while, imagining our own big red wings of passion. :)


Astro Ruler: Sagittarius

Element: Fire

Number: 14 - Harmony, balance, neutrality

Stone: Amethyst

Your tools: Mindfulness, observation, discernment, gentleness

I feel like if I were to enter the scene in this card, the song “Amelia” by Joni Mitchell would be playing softly in the distance. Joni is my favorite musical artist, and a lot of her work feels like the Temperance card to me. They emanate similar energy. Anyway, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, settle in and gaze at this Tarot card while listening to “Amelia” -  I hope you have a comforting experience!

XOXO, Tate