Tarot of the Month - Ace of Cups


Only when it rains do I realize I’m an empty cup, and the water feels like honey. Gently open up to the idea of blessings year-round, free of charge.  

I am so happy to introduce the ACE OF CUPS this month! August will be full of love, free flowing emotions and brand new sparks of joy. July brought the eclipses and Mercury retrograde, and while intensity is beautiful, it can also be exhausting. August will feel like the exhale following July’s big inhale. Let’s talk about this cards radiant energy and how we can utilize it! All four Aces represent a new beginning in some facet- the Ace of Cups being the most joyous in my opinion. It acts as a catalyst for new connections to love and spirituality. Upon gazing at this card, you will see a large chalice, held by a hand emerging from the clouds. There are five definitive streams of water flowing from the cup, representing our five senses. They meet a vast body of water, covered in lotus flowers. In Tarot, the suit of cups relates to the element of water. Water highlights our emotional bodies, intuition, love, how we process or suppress our feelings, dreams, our levels of sensitivity, the Moon, and the subconscious. When faced with the Ace of Cups, we know there are new opportunities for love just beyond the horizon- the kind of love that blows us wide open. Love shows up in so many different forms, and when we draw upon this Ace, we are able to give and receive in tandem. The heart and the gut become one, working in unison and creating an air of clarity. 

At this time, there is an abundance of genuine connections to be made, emotions to acknowledge, and compassion to be expressed. Get excited! Get flirty! Lead more with your intuitive side- This Ace promotes sense over logic. You have an opportunity to soak up love like a sponge, whether it be self-love or acts of service. Allowing emotions to move through you can also be beneficial to any creative projects you have going right now, bringing depth and meaning into your creations will surely affect someone deeply. The Ace of Cups highlights feelings of excitement, and your personal connection to the Universe in a broader sense. You may find that this Ace is showing up because you are suppressing feelings, and so I invite you to feel the joy, love, anger, sadness, or vulnerability that has been ruminating inside you. The Ace of Cups is designating a time slot for you to express those emotions healthily and with support around you.

Close your eyes and imagine a large cup being offered to you. Adorn it however you’d like to, and make it look beautiful. What is in the cup? Is it full or empty? Spend some meditative time in the Ace of Cups scene and see what comes up- this may help you figure out where you are at emotionally and what you need. If nothing significant comes out of it, its ok! You may not need a clear message right now, but just to take the time for yourself. Breathe in, breathe out. Use your senses- put your feet in the water, touch the lotus flowers and lily pads. You may get a fun little hint at what exciting opportunity is awaiting you in August. :)


Element: Water

Stone: Seashells, Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz 

Your tools: Compassion, creativity, love, purity

Throw on the song “Tonight I’ll be Staying Here with You” by Bob Dylan. Bask in the light heartedness. 

With love and encouragement, 

Tate Eknaian