Tarot Card of the Month - May



Have you ever seen your own eyes in the light of the sun? Imagine it. The sparks flying, illumination, the eyes of a visionary. You have the power to manifest your wildest dream come true.  

   The KING OF WANDS has made a grand entrance this May! This is a court card- also referred to as “FIRE of FIRE” because King’s represent fire, and the suit of wands represent fire. Double fire is double passion. Before diving into the meaning of the card- let’s gaze into it. When it comes to Tarot, use your intuition before looking up any meanings in a book or through a teacher. Look at your card- what do you notice first? How do the colors make you feel? Do you receive a positive or negative surge of energy? Is this a King you would like to visit or does he intimidate you? Take a few minutes for yourself and write down your initial observations.

OK- now let’s dive in. This King is a leo - clad in warm tones that ignite our sacral and solar plexus chakras. This means he deals in matters of creativity, power, and control. He is here to help us orchestrate our given situations with confidence and integrity. Notice the salamanders present in this card- if you are looking at the Rider-Waite deck card, you will notice salamanders on his throne, robe and one standing beside him. Salamanders are representative of fire, and the ones on his robe are eating their own tails, creating a symbol of motion, infinity, and boundlessness. Also note the lion on the throne - this is for the astrological fire sign of LEO. As you can see, this King is set up for success. He is born to lead.

Out of the 4 Kings, Wands is the one to go to when a plan needs to be executed with precision AND passion. He is similar to The Emperor, but with more creative vision and input. He is not so concerned with the birth of an idea- but the follow through of one. Remember that spark of an idea you had last month or last week? Now is the time to act on it. Gather your resources, surround yourself with people who have your best interest at heart, and press the “GO” button! Reign in the troops- the King of Wands is known for enlisting just the right people for the job, and he is extremely sure of himself. The journey you are embarking on most likely involves a subject that is very close to your heart- you may be an expert in this field of interest. Think of yourself as the director of a film. The King’s presence represents mastery- and fertile opportunities to exercise that mastery.

The King of Wands shows himself when there are opportunities present in our lives that offer up a chance to lead. He is a facilitator, and on May 4th, there is a new moon. This is a perfect time to harness the power of this tarot card. When we tap into our inner King of Wands- we access the innate ability to declare, compose and carry out plans successfully. Be aware of how you are coming off to others, and if you find yourself at battle with your ego- replace it with grace. If you have a choice between being direct or being passive- be direct. This month, your efforts will be prized with longevity- long-term effects will delight you in the weeks and months to come. It is a powerful time. The courageous attitude of this card is what we need to propel us sometimes. We are all the King of Wands- how will you utilize it? What are you manifesting? Most importantly, ENJOY THE PROCESS!


Astro Ruler: Leo

Element: Fire

Stone: Sunstone, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye

Your tools: Leadership, confidence, integrity, vision

Listen to the song “Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Get revved up with passion.

With love and encouragement,