November - Tarot Card of the Month - Queen of Cups


Can you speak with your eyes? Or has circumstance made you sharp. Step into the color blue and stay there, let it seep into you. You can love unconditionally.

This month, we are inspired by the Queen of Cups. This is a hard angle to The Emperor card pull of last month. It’s time to soften, to replace a staff with a seashell. The Queen of Cups is a Court card, along with the other Queens, Kings, Knights and Pages. This group of cards specifically calls upon actual human energies in our life. The Queens rule the element of water, and the suit of Cups also rules water, so put them together and we have a powerful flowing river. We are dealing with deep feelings, clairvoyance, the divine feminine, intuition and love. The Queen of Cups is a master of emotionality, and she can instantly feel what others feel, to the point of telepathy. Some may say this is a curse, but this Queen has impenetrable boundaries that she has created in order to shield herself from the woes of humankind. She can empathize with others more than any other Tarot figure, which is why she is a natural healing psychic. A lady of few words but with a heart wide open, she sits on her throne by the water. Her zodiac sign is Cancer, the mother of the water signs.

When we pull her, we are being questioned about our demeanor. It may be time to adopt some of this Queen’s powers. Are you letting anger blur your vision? Have you noticed a blockage in close connection to others? Are you letting people in too much or not at all? Ask these questions. Don’t forget this is a Court card - a human energy. Who does the Queen of cups represent to you? Any Cancer’s in your life? Or someone who has innate feminine energy? Maybe it’s yourself, maybe it’s a friend or enemy. If you pull a Queen (or any Court card), in your own Tarot spread, this may be great validation from the cards about who’s on your mind.

When you are feeling “off”, know that you can visit her anytime. Lay down in a dimly lit room and close your eyes. Now step into her card. How’s the air? What are you wearing? Is she looking at you? Let her presence be a comfort. You don’t have to talk to her- you can walk around the beach and collect seashells if you want, or you can cry on her lap. Whatever experience you have, know that she is holding the ultimate space just for you.


Astro Ruler: Cancer

Element: Water

Stone: Aquamarine, Amethyst, Freshwater Pearl

Your tools: Intuition, empathy, softness, holiness   

Consider the song “Albatross” by Fleetwood Mac. Move to it!

With love and encouragement,


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