Getting in Tune with The Moon According to Your Zodiac

The moon is powerful. She is healing, nurturing, and intuitive. The moon is about vulnerability. You are more vulnerable at night, more in tune with your emotions and your shadows, and the moon tends to bring out the hurt and emotions you have tried to suppress. Honor that force. As the nights become longer and longer, expose the wounds that need to be tended to, and allow this force to guide you to a place of healing. This guide can help you get in tune with the moon to soothe your soul. Read for your sun, moon, and rising if you know them. Are you ready to heal with her?


When you are feeling disheartened, reflect on your strength. You are a natural born warrior, Aries, unafraid of anything or anyone. You don’t do well when you feel weak, so remind yourself of all that you have accomplished in life. Your gift is empowering others and standing up for them. Find something worth fighting for, and let that warrior spirit guide you to your true triumphs. You got this.


Sweet Taurus, you are grounding and comforting to others, and you crave that for yourself. Create a space of healing for yourself so you can get to the heart of an issue. Use your straightforward strength to steady yourself. Seek balance by the moon by putting on some music, lighting a candle, nourishing your body, and using your unyielding tenacity to heal your strong heart.


Gemini, you are a humorous healing force on Earth. You use your ability to communicate, humor, and empathetic heart to offer different perspectives. When you need to heal, turn towards talking it out. Look at all the fear and hurt and laugh in its face — nothing can hurt you with your strength and a good laugh.


You know that it is okay to hurt. You embrace the feeling of not being okay, because you understand that it is a part of life. You are naturally incredibly empathetic, so healing others comes naturally to you, Cancer. However, it is hard for you to accept that in return. Turn inwards and treat yourself with something that makes you feel good. Honor yourself, and try to let someone else in to ease your heavy heart.


You have a gift, Leo. You can make others shine as brightly as you, and encourage them deeply. You need that in return sometimes, and healing comes from someone who can help you rise up. Be receptive to someone’s advice and listen deeply. Let the moon propel you into deeper truths inside yourself.


Virgo, listen carefully — you have not failed. You are perfect as you are. You are easily hurt when you are feeling not good enough, and the trick to your healing is to gain perspective to others on just how amazing you truly are. You are always the first one to step into a supportive role, and do so effectively. Embrace the same in return.


Comfort is key for you when the nights get rough, darling Libra. Find steady emotions by treating yourself kindly, and maybe talking to a friend and running your ideas by them. You're a natural giver, and you are able to always see every perspective in a situation. It will be good to become clear on what yours is, and heal from there.


Your emotions are your power. The moon will propel you into whatever us causing you distress, and you are the sign that is able to harness it and let it empower you towards liberation. You go so deep inside yourself fearlessly, a place where very few people tread. Be proud of yourself, Scorpio. Feel your truth and express it. By you doing so, you naturally give others your courage to feel what they haven’t wanted to.


The power you wield, Sagittarius, is unrelenting faith, positivity, and humor. When life gets too serious, you will always find the reasons to be positive. Watch a funny movie, joke around with someone, and let them see your faith in the future. Your instinctual understanding that everything will always be okay is so healing for other people to bear witness to. You are a gift.


You are the ruler of taking action and responsibility. Your diplomatic nature allows you to conquer any obstacle that comes your way. You help heal others with your steady nature and willingness to fix the issue. However, always be sure to add acts of self-love to your task list, Capricorn. You may be prone to going towards apathy, but honor your emotions — they are a part of your strength.


You are truly inspiring to all, Aquarius. You nurture people to be authentic and will always defend them. You honor independence in yourself and others. When you need to heal, engage with others. Allow them to give you the same TLC you’re able to give. Don’t worry about fitting in or being too vulnerable, simply embrace the love you have cultivated.


Your gift is pure compassion. You are what helps the world heal, Pisces. When you need healing, you must turn that energy towards yourself and be a little selfish. You have the gift of healing, now use it to your advantage. Your open nature will propel you into emotional truth. Life your heart up the way you lift others, all while knowing you are truly an angelic force on this planet.

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