Tarot Card of the Month - September



How would you persuade a deer to take an acorn from your hand? Meditate on this deeply, it is the skill you require. Desired outcomes require finesse: hunt the frustration, replace it with patience. Your heart is your strongest asset.

This month, we are focusing on Strength! The eighth card of the Major Arcana and an important step in The Fool’s journey. Let’s get in the right mindset by visualizing the strong roots of an oak tree. Trees have a steady, unwavering presence that make us feel held. They are kind spirits, offering us protection without blocking out the sunshine. This is an asset of Strength that is separate from physicality or dominance. How do you react when you are confronted with frustration? It’s easy to become hot headed. When the Strength card shows up, you are being called to challenge that. Gaze into this card. Look at the demeanor of the woman taming the lion, she is controlling the situation with love, patience, and respect. Her sense of self is strong, and that’s what gives her the ability to influence others. The lion who is fierce in its own right has its tail between its legs and easily falls into vulnerability under the hand of the woman. Next time you are about to fly off the handle or hand someone their own ass, remember that compassion is powerful enough to tame a lion. Give it a try, recognize when there is an opportunity to present calmness over anger.

Through a different lense, we can view the lion as our own ego. Time to check yourself. The woman in white represents our strong inner strength- we have more control over ourselves than we think. Avoid impulse at this time. Pause for a moment and ask yourself- What is the best way for me to respond? That minute of reflection can change the entire outcome of the situation at hand.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Dive into this card. How do you feel in this landscape? Is the woman looking at you? Is the lion growling? Do you feel compelled to tame it? Take note of all you see, hear, feel ect. Write down your observations and put together the pieces of your puzzle.


“Just when I think he's foolish and childish
And I want him to be manly
I catch my fool and my child
Needing love and understanding”

-Joni Mitchell



Astro Ruler: Leo

Element: Fire

Number: 8 - Power, emotionalism, will, dedication, success

Stone: Bloodstone, Topaz, Citrine

Your tools: Empathy, composure, compassion, patience, acceptance, a strong heart .

Consider the song “Box of Rain” by The Grateful Dead. Close your eyes and get lost in it.


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