September Kozmic Forecast - Time to Get Cozy



For all those who experienced the cosmic ass-kick that was eclipse/retrograde season — good news — September is here. Time to settle down, settle in, get clear, and set out. This month’s theme is all about healing up from retrograde and eclipse season, cleaning up each part of your life, and allowing some peace and harmony to return. We all need to take care of ourselves in order to show up in the world with strength and make a difference. The gifts of this month will help you to take a deep breath, get cozy, get solid, and make those final touches before setting out your magic. Click here to see this month’s important cosmic dates, learn all the info about them and how to own it, and mark them in your calendar to rock it this month!  Are you ready?

September 6th - Saturn Direct in Capricorn

Time to shine and move forward! Saturn is the planet of organization, structure, lessons, and karma. It has been retrograde since April, meaning that over the past few months you may have had some anxiety about your responsibilities and you may have been put to the test. It also could have increased negative thinking about yourself. The good news? You made it. Be prepared for a brighter outlook on life and with yourself, and to put all of what you learned into practice with grace and ease. Rock on!

September 6th - Mercury in Virgo

Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication, enters steady and strong Virgo. This matches up perfectly with the theme of the month, because now dealing with the details comes much easier. This time allows you to be analytical and practical with your conversations and learnings. My advice? Start studying something you’ve always been interested in, process information that may have been overwhelming even last week, and check in with your emotions to be sure you’re not getting carried away with the facts!

September 9th - New Moon in Virgo

New moon, new energy — with a focus on your relationship with organization, responsibility, self-care, and steadfastness. New moons are about starting a new pattern, so let your ritual tonight be a little self-care routine that you want to start implementing more. Self-care isn’t always fun at first, so throw on a face mask, get in your comfiest PJs, and write a list (Virgo loves lists). Write what you could do to balance your life daily, and think little baby steps — service to self, service to others, something you could do for your health, something you could do for fun, and make a schedule of your responsibilities and clean your house. This is a time to get grounded, steady, strong, and organized within yourself and in the world so you can take it on with fortitude. Happy TLC night, love!

September 9th - Venus enters Scorpio

When you think Scorpio, think passionate, deep, and mysterious — and very, very intense. When Venus, the planet of love, enters this impassioned sign, one on one love is at the forefront of the mind. It is a great time to cultivate depth, closeness, and connection in relationships. Because of Scorpio’s intensity, the tendency towards over-thinking and jealousy are present. Go deep, have your boundaries, and honor your partner’s as well. Anything fake will fade, and a connection through soul can be born. Love without fear is the most powerful experience a soul can have — give it a whirl.

September 11th - Mars enters Aquarius

While your personal life may be steamy right now, it is time to break out of your own experience while Mars, the planet of action, force, and assertion, enters the worldly and rebellious sign of Aquarius. Now is the time to think about how you can show up in the world and for the world. While this transit is happening, problems in the world that have been in the dark will be brought to the light, and we all must act to heal it. Don’t feel helpless about the state of the world. Instead, feel empowered. Turn towards guardianship. You are here, now, to make a difference. It is up to you to take care of yourself so you can help take care of the world. You may also start to let go of old ways of doing things, and try something new. Embrace that. Listen to your gut. Act with love and integrity. We are in this together.

September 22nd - Mercury enters Libra and Autumn Equinox

Mercury, the planet of communication and thoughts, is now in Libra. Libra is diplomatic, blanaced, charming, sociable, and notoriously indecisive. My advice is to think about your intentions you made on the new moon while Mercury was in Virgo and stick to your guns, because now it might be easier to push your own perspectives to the side. The gift of this transit is being able to see all sides of a situation. Perspective is key to compassion and understanding.

It is also the Autumn Equinox. Today, like balanced Libra, is equal part day and night. We are preparing to enter the “darkness” of winter. Celebrate today by connecting with the Earth and with yourself. Plant your feet on the ground and get steady, and think about your relationship with transformation — life, death, and rebirth — in ever facet of life. Pay attention to your dreams — there might be a powerful message waiting for you there.

September 23rd - Sun enters Libra

Happy birthday, Libra! The sun in Libra impacts us all, even if you weren’t born under this sign. This time is about balance, harmony, beauty, social interaction, and learning about yourself through other people. Surround yourself with others and gain insight into how people operate. Have a good laugh and a fulfilling, peaceful debate. Find the parts in your life you can balance in your mind, relationships, and soul.

September 25th - Full Moon in Aries

Happy harvest moon! The full moon marks the ending of a cycle. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is known as the warrior… and the baby. While Aries is fierce and strong, they also have the tendency to be very focused on the self. This can lead to impulsive emotional reactions if we don’t take notes from the Sun in Libra and channel some diplomacy. Own this fiery, Aries moon by focusing on you and reflecting on all things that hold you back. Mars and Uranus have your back to help you embody that Aries fearlessness to look at your fears, insecurities, and wounds. Start tonight by asking yourself — what do I truly want? And anything that is preventing you from being there, take a good hard look at. First step is awareness, and the rest will progress.

September 30th - Pluto Direct in Capricorn

Since April, Pluto, the planet of deep transformation, has been retrograde. This retrograde period makes the focus of transformation on you. Since it is in Capricorn, the sign that is dedicated to hard work, you may have found your relationship with what you do has completely shifted. This time shined a light on what (or who) you give power and control to. That relationship may have been shaken up. Pluto destroys in the best possible way, because it gets rid of what is holding you back. This time may have been extremely intense and filled with drama. Now, it is time to turn those situations into success. Heal up, embody those lessons, and transform what you need to. Don’t let those precious lessons go to waste. Opportunity is knocking… are you ready to answer?