Happy Full Moon in Pisces, Babes!

Let’s start by welcoming Virgo season. Virgo is all about the details — organization, structure, planning, and service to others. And we are in a Grand Trine that started on the 25th — Uranus in Taurus, Sun in Virgo, and Saturn in Capricorn — all Earth signs. This extraordinarily positive transit happens only once this year, and having it all be in Earth signs allows grounding, foundation, structure, and turning all your hopes into successes. 

This time invites us to pay attention to detail, get organized and clear, and spend some time in service to others. Think about the ways you can share your energy to impact your loved ones, community, or the world in general, and spend time sending it out. This is the time to start cleaning up the pieces of your life that have broken due to eclipse and retrograde season and setting it up the way you would like. 

I think of the Japanese technique Kintsugi, when pottery breaks and it’s put back together with silver or gold. Things fall apart for us to see what wasn’t working. When shit starts hitting the fan, I always say to myself — “nothing real can be threatened.”  That phrase puts it all in perspective for me. Things come up not because we are being punished, but because it could be better, and it is up to us to make it that way. 

So part one of this night is to reflect on the aspects in your life that you think have broken. Think of what you perceive as failure. Lay out the pieces and shards in front of you, and let this earthy energy help you build something even more beautiful and strong from it.  

The full moon in Pisces is a deeply emotional and spiritual time. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is the planet of dreams, illusions, and spirituality. Even though mercury went direct, your mind might be muddled with thoughts. So paired with this cosmic trine, creativity, projects, and emotions can come to full fruition. The earth trine will make sure your feet are planted on the ground while your head is in the stars, giving you the opportunity to pay attention to dreams, coincidences, feelings or intuition. Remember, nothing you think is an accident, even if it seems confusing or overwhelming. Everything that comes up is there for you to pay attention to.

Now is the time to shed what you don’t want and plant the seeds for what you do want. It’s the perfect time to be with yourself, process through things, and connect with something higher. This is probably the most potent time of the year for success and fruition. 

Here are some tools for tonight’s full moon. Sit with them for some inspiration to rock this cosmic time:

Tarot Card: The Moon
The Moon tarot card’s natural ruler is Pisces. Let the moon light up your path tonight. This card shows the part in your journey when you have just been through the ringer and now it’s time to heal, process, and settle down. It is a reminder to not fear — don’t use the moon a bandaid to your fear, but an opportunity to dissect and clear out what that fear is with confidence. You are being supported, and you are not alone. 

Stone: Bloodstone 
Bloodstone promotes self sufficiency, connection to the divine, healing, puts you in reality, gives you courage, strength, confidence, and personal power. 

Essential Oil: Frankincense
Frankincense is known as the oil of meditation and spiritual truth. Used as one of the main ingredients in the Lucid Oil in our kit, it can help clear the mind and help you release anything that isn’t truth. It can help deepen awareness and a connection with something higher and aids in letting go of anything that isn’t real. 

Herb: Cronewort (Mugwort)
Cronewort is known as one of the best herbal allies for reflection, dreams, and truth. She is considered fierce, protective, and unafraid of the dark or the unknown. One of the main allies in the Lucid Tea Blend, she is here to burn or consume to aid you in getting in tune with yourself, connecting with something higher, and being comfortable with change. 

Song: Fearless by Pink Floyd
I’ll leave the reasoning for this song to you. It’s a whole feeling — and it perfectly embodies the vibe of this night. 

Here’s my ceremony for tonight:

Step one:
What areas in your life are depleted or feeling chaotic? What has been broken? What emotions are coming up that you need to process and release? Write them all down. This is your space to vent, get angry, get sad, and fully release it in a healthy way. Get that pen to the paper and let that person know exactly how you felt, let the universe know you’re pissed, let yourself feel. Get it out of you like it’s vomit. Take all that paper and burn it away. Give it to something higher. Empty yourself so you can fill yourself with something better. This is a physical, tangible message that you are ready for something else. It is your first step.

Step Two:
Listen to a song that seems to take you away. One of my favorites is called Moon Fever by Air.  Get lost in it. No one is watching you — find where your mind goes. Note what comes to your mind, like I said, nothing is an accident. You may find yourself dreaming of what you truly want, or more that you need to release.

Step Three:
Now check in with yourself — what needs nourishment? What needs some TLC and healing? Is my space clean and organized? how is my physical body? What changes do I have to make in my daily life to take care of myself? Think physically, mentally, spiritually. Now ask yourself — what do I want to create? How can my work, projects, and life line up with my higher values? How can I use my creativity to be in service to others? How can I balance my life between work, play, service to myself, and service to others?

Step Four:
Time to replace. Self-care is sometimes hard, what are some radical acts of self-care that you need? Think of boundaries, and replacing old toxic relationships, thoughts, or patterns with ones that will serve you. Embrace baby steps — make it digestible to make it sustainable. Add it to your daily schedule. 

Happy full moon my loves — make it magical. I’ll be hosting a ceremony in Providence, Rhode Island on Monday the 27th at 7pm to hold space — and as always, it’s free. If you can’t make it, feel free to share your experiences, truth, and perspectives by commenting below or shooting me an email and I may feature it in the next e-zine — ani@kozmicryder.com

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