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February Kozmic Guidance — Time to Rebirth, Renew, and Rejuvenate

Happy new month, my sweet loves! So happy you’re here. February is going to be a comforting, grounding, stabilizing month. Eclipse season is going to rest, all planets are direct and moving with ease, and we welcome in sensitive and strong energy to guide us along the way. We are in the midpoint of winter, welcoming the change of season, the person we always needed to be, and the paths we are choosing to take. Get ready and mark your calendars!

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January Kozmic Guidance— A Time of Blossoming and Becoming

Welcome to the new year! Congratulations on making it here, after 2018 being filled with retrogrades, this month is the first time we have all planets direct and moving smoothly. We start out with Capricornian energy inviting us to work toward our goal and plant the seeds we wish to grow, then Aquarius energy blessing us with new thoughts and ideas, and a two eclipses that help us to go inward and set outward with strength and wisdom! Are you ready for this cosmic month of blossoming? Get out your calendars and be in tune with the cosmic magic.

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December Kozmic Guidance - Light a Fire in Your Heart and Set Out Your Magic, Baby!

Happy December! The last month of this beautiful, life altering year. How was it for you? Well, if you haven’t thought about it, this month is going to help you! Things take a turn for the intense side as some of the planets move back into Scorpio, but then after the serendipitous new moon, the energy begins changing to take all that inward energy outward. Time to light a fire in your heart and set out your magic, baby!

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November Kozmic Guidance - A Time of Creative Expansion

This month is a cosmic dream, filled with fire fueled expansion and etheric creativity. We have an extraordinarily helpful Mercury retrograde (yes, you read that right) that will help you heal up and settle down as planets go direct, the moon is dancing this month to take you deep then expand and get curious. Here’s to finding your flow this month, going deep then bursting out the way you have always needed and wanted to. Are you ready? Mark your calendars!

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October Kozmic Forecast - Transformation, Rebirth, and Redefining Love

When you think of October, leaves changing, seasons shifting, and days transforming into longer nights flash through the mind. Nature is giving strong messages right now — are you listening? It’s time to go inward and be reborn. October has always been known for its transformative, deep, dark, magical nature. Even the most mundane activities seem to have a flare of magic to it. This month, as Scorpio season begins, be one with nature. Get comfortable with being in the dark, the night, the unknown, the wombspace where you will be reborn.

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September Kozmic Forecast - Time to Get Cozy

For all those who experienced the cosmic ass-kick that was eclipse/retrograde season — good news — September is here. Time to settle down, settle in, get clear, and set out. This month’s theme is all about healing up from retrograde and eclipse season, cleaning up each part of your life, and allowing some peace and harmony to return.

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