August Kozmic Guidance - A Time to Integrate, Claim, and Recreate

This. Month. Is. Fucking. Amazing. All of this energy is aligning with you shedding what is truly ready to go, and claiming and creating what you really want to be doing. This month is a beautiful sequence — starting with integrating the healing lessons of what was standing in our way of success and joy, whatever that definition is to you. Then moving into new and radical ideas of what you want to claim and begin, and then slinging us with all the yummy energy to actually freakin’ do it! I’m so stoked to see how this plays out in your life. Get out your date books, babes. It’s going to be a wild ride of a beautiful, cosmic month. 

August 8th — Lion’s Gate Portal
The Lion’s gate portal happens every year after the powerful summer eclipses. I always feel this incredible power during this time, like whatever is shedding is really shedding, and I have such crystal clarity on the direction in which I am going. This time is all about aligning with truth in a life changing way. Think about the commitments you want to begin, the direction you want to claim, or the person you want to fully embody. This portal opening is amplifying transformation and manifestation in unmet ways. I have an annual tradition of vision boarding in ritual on this date - and I always keep them very broad and very focused on the art so that I can fully co-create with the divine and not get attached to a certain outcome. I highly recommend communing in some way to whatever you answer to, whether it be truth, love, God, Goddess, or your higher self, and letting your mind go where it wants. Explore yourself and your potential with passionate curiosity. Happy Lion’s Gate!

August 11th — Jupiter Direct 
Since April, Jupiter, the planet of success, good fortune, and expansion, has been retrograde in the truth seeking sign of Sagittarius. During this time, you may have faced the things that have been standing in your way of being able to receive joy, success, and expansion. What has been revealed to you? What emotions, feelings, situations, or thought patterns showed up that highlight your relationship with joy or success? How can you nourish that part of you and integrate it so that you can softly open. Deep inner truth may have surfaced for you — take time now to integrate the things you have learned.

August 11th — Uranus Retrograde 
Uranus, the slow-moving planet of freedom, unexpected change, and forward thinking goes retrograde for the next five months. Usually, Uranus impacts your outward situations by aligning you with different life events. When it is retrograde, that sudden change happens within you instead of through an outward force. This time is all about reflection and a higher awareness with your relationship with change and whatever your definition of freedom is. You may find yourself questioning why you want to change or why you fear it. Or, you may think about the change that has happened since the beginning of the year and how it impacted you. 

Change can be jarring and scary, and it is necessary, profound, and absolutely divine. Reflect on your relationship with change and let the winds of transformation carry you forward with gusto and strength. Surrender to the change by knowing you are not alone, you are a part of something bigger that you can call on to help guide you, and let every act you do be through the lens of that higher force. 

August 11th — Mercury Enters Leo
Mercury, the planet of thoughts, communication, and conversation enters the loud and proud sign of Leo. Embrace the passion and excitement that surrounds you. Tell your story with gusto, get really into what you say, and speak proudly, and keep your ideas big and grand. I love to think of Leo’s child-like amazement of everything — try to listen with this mindset too. 

August 15th — Full Moon in Aquarius 
Happy full moon in forward thinking, rebellious, radical, realized Aquarius. 

Think about the sign Aquarius, all about change, breaking away from institutions, dated ways of doing things, and old social paradigms that need to go. This is an opportunity to do your personal part to help the world evolve. The full moon is all about celebration and release — so use this as your chance to see where you fit in with the way the world is growing. What are your ideals? What do you believe in? What is your natural given talent and how can you use it to benefit the people around you?

You are being called to be a part of the change, where we can create a world of better empathy, understanding, and universal love.

August 18th — Mars Enters Virgo
Remember all those grand ideas you had while Mars and Mercury were in Leo? Now is your chance to make them tangible and real. With Mars, the planet of action, entering service and detail oriented Virgo, you can begin to take action in phase one of your plans. This also serves as an amazing time to focus on where you can show up in your community, with your loved ones, or to yourself in sacred service. How can you give back? What do you protect? What do you stand for? Pour some of your energy into these fields as well. Use this time to take your first steps and get organized and clear. 

August 21st — Venus Enters Virgo
Venus is the planet of love and romance. When it enters Virgo, you may feel the need to express love through acts of service like cleaning the house or may receive love by simply having your loved ones show up for you and be a grounding force in your life. When the planet of love aligns with this sign of earthy practicality, love becomes an action word more than every before.

While Virgo is intelligent, conscientious, and sensual, the flip side of Virgo can also be irritable, critical, and a bit negative. Be gentle and mindful with your loved ones. Remember to be the love you want to receive. Be an example of the kind of love you need so there is no question on how others can show up for you. When Venus is in Virgo, embody that grounding force of love. 

August 23rd — Sun Enters Virgo 
Happy birthday, sweet Virgos! This year is going to be especially magical for you with your solar return happening while a Grand Trine happens today, too. We will all benefit from this Grand Trine of the Sun, Saturn, Uranus all in Earth signs that will last until September 1st. Remember that a trine is an extremely harmonious transits of the planets. This time invites ease, luck, and power. 

Even if you are not a Virgo, you will feel the impact of the Sun in Virgo. Virgo season invites us to pay attention to detail, get organized and clear, and spend some time in service to others. Think about the ways you can share your energy to impact your loved ones, community, or the world in general, and spend time sending it out! 

August 29th — Mercury Enters Virgo
Remember  all those ideas during Mercury in Leo a few weeks ago? Time to ground it out, baby! Make it real. Your ideas can be on the details, focusing on the first step. I want to invite you to visualize yourself actually getting your goal, whatever it is, whether it is inner peace or birthing a book or entering a new relationship, and then also visualize the obstacles you may face, too. Use this time to come up with solutions.

August 30th — New Moon in Virgo
New moon, new energy — and this one is a truly beautiful one. This new moon is cozying up close to Mars (planet of action), Mercury (planet of thoughts), and Venus (planet of love and relationship), meaning that all the ideas that you downloaded throughout this month, all the dreams, all the thoughts, all the desires and wishes, all the sudden inspirations can actually be implemented and a part of your life. New moons are about manifestation and creation. The time to begin, whatever it is that you want to begin, is now. Maybe it is a new way of living you want to try out, or a creative endeavor, or a job, or a sex position, or a new empowered identity. This moon is incredibly harmonious in making. it. happen. Life is happening now. And your time to start is now. With all the increased passion and confidence, and the ability to focus on how to make it tangible and real — What are you waiting for? The world needs you to do your damn thing, honey. And I can’t wait to see what you create.