September Kozmic Guidance — A Time to Flirt with Life Itself


Ohhhh my Goodness I LIVE for September. Especially this one. This month, it can be easy to get swept up in others. So let’s dedicate ourselves to be in a passionate, romantic, libra lovin’ relationship with life itself. To live a life of devotion is a powerful thing indeed — it makes the mundane magical, it gives you strength when you need it, and most uniquely, it creates an intimacy with your deepest self and life in general. So this month, get in tune with the Pisces full moon, and get lost in the Libra love, and claim your devotion to living life with heart. Get out your calendars and mark ‘em up with these important dates:

September 14th — Full Moon in Pisces — Harvest Moon
Happy harvest moon my loves, tonight, with sensitive and emotional Piscean energy, I recommend you play Harvest Moon by Neil Young on repeat and cry at the purity of true love. 

Just kidding. Kind of. 

The full moon in Pisces is a deeply emotional and spiritual time. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is the planet of dreams, illusions, and spirituality. Remember, nothing you think is an accident, even if it seems confusing or overwhelming. Everything that comes up is there for you to pay attention to.

Now is the time to shed what you don’t want and plant the seeds for what you do want. It’s the perfect time to be with yourself, process through things, and connect with something higher. This is probably the most potent time of the year for success and fruition. 

September 14th — Mercury Enters Libra
Mercury, the planet of communication and thoughts, is now in Libra. Libra is diplomatic, balanced, charming, sociable, and notoriously indecisive. My advice is to think about your intentions you made on the new moon while Mercury was in Virgo and stick to your guns, because now it might be easier to push your own perspectives to the side. The gift of this transit is being able to see all sides of a situation. Perspective is key to compassion and understanding. 

September 14th — Venus Enters Libra
The planet of love and pleasure, Venus, enters loving libra. Libra is ruled by Venus naturally, so when this transit happens, love tends to be at the forefront of our minds in the most harmonious way. Libra is all about relationships and beauty, so now is the time to really reflect and indulge in these aspects of life. Think balance, light-heartedness, serenity, flirtatiousness, maybe getting a new hairdo. 

Since Libra is all about equality, fairness, and balance (the symbol for Libra is the scale), unbalanced relationships may be apparent. The next few weeks are about nourishing the out-of-balance to achieve the ultimate peace. Enjoy this time of sweet, sweet charming love. Doll yourself up, embrace your flirtatious charisma, and nurture your relationships.

September 18th — Saturn Direct
Time to shine and move forward! Saturn is the planet of organization, structure, lessons, and karma. It has been retrograde since April, meaning that over the past few months you may have had some anxiety about your responsibilities and you may have been put to the test. It also could have increased negative thinking about yourself. The good news? You made it. Be prepared for a brighter outlook on life and with yourself, and to put all of what you learned into practice with grace and ease. This is a great time to start getting your ducks in a row and showing up for success. 

September 23rd — Sun Enters Libra, Mabon
Happy birthday, Libra! The sun in Libra impacts us all, even if you weren’t born under this sign. This time is about balance, harmony, beauty, social interaction, and learning about yourself through other people. Surround yourself with others and gain insight into how people operate. Have a good laugh and a fulfilling, peaceful debate. Find the parts in your life you can balance in your mind, relationships, and soul.

It is also the Autumn Equinox. Today, like balanced Libra, is equal part day and night. We are preparing to enter the “darkness” of winter. Celebrate today by connecting with the Earth and with yourself. Plant your feet on the ground and get steady, and think about your relationship with transformation — life, death, and rebirth — in every facet of life. Pay attention to your dreams — there might be a powerful message waiting for you there. (Now would be a great time to start Lucid Dreaming with the Lucid kit!!) 

September 28th — New Moon in Libra
Happy new moon — a time where manifestation is high. The Earth’s soil is more fertile during a new moon, and the seeds you plant are more likely to flourish. The same idea applies to setting intentions. New moons are about embracing your own magnetism. It’s a time to reset, redo, plant, ask, pray, and attract what you want to you. Typically, the new moon is about going inward to get clear on the goals and intentions you want to set. And this new moon in Libra is a particularly potent time to understand what you want and how you want to get there. 

Tonight, devote yourself to a relationship. It doesn’t have to be with a person — maybe it is to the book you’re writing, or the recipe you're trying to master, or to the Earth herself.

New moons allow you to rethink, rework, go inward, and start anew. Think of yourself as a manifesting magnet right now. What kind of love do you want to experience? Think new patterns, new perspectives, new ways. Think of the way you are showing up for your loved ones. How can you act as an example to be the standard of love you wish to receive? Leave no room for guessing — be the love. Finally, think of the balance of love in your life. Now is the time to balance the different relationships in your life and nurturing them equally.