Tarot Card of the Month - January


Ace of Pentacles

Visualize a seed being planted. Take into consideration the care and attention that it needs in order to grow. What will this turn into? A flower? We must not plant without intent. Imagine you are a flower and think about your journey. Examine your petals.

This month, we are swept away with the Ace of Pentacles. We have not yet discussed the four Aces. An ace is the first stop on the journey of a suit - (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles). There are 10 cards in a suit, and if 10 = completion, Ace = beginning. The Ace of Pentacles in particular is quite a magical card to land on in regards to starting anew. Growth, prosperity, opportunity, manifestation..all that good stuff you want to hone in on, especially at the start of a new year. Talk about a perfect match, January 2019 + Ace of Pentacles is a recipe for success. Let’s gaze into the card. Don’t you want to go there? To me, this is a picture of heavens gates, with lush green gardens and a kind hand offering you a blessing. The cards energy wants to assure you that you can get there..you can reach the goal you have set for yourself. If you have not set a goal- think about it. The time is perfect for a forceful, strong head start in whatever direction you choose.

How do we make the most of this amazing omen? Let’s get practical. Pentacles is representative of the Earth element, and we want to get on that wave length. Conduct yourself with the utmost integrity this January- think before you speak, act with care, and keep your feet firmly planted, even when your mind is going crazy with exciting ideas. An active mind paired with a grounded sense of self will get you exactly where you need to be. The Ace of Pentacles is encouraging you remind yourself of what you want in this life. Who are you? How are you showing up in the world? Are you ready and willing to receive blessings? Ask yourself some questions and write them down. It’s ok if you don’t have the answers yet. Step into the card and let yourself wander.

I encourage anyone who is interested, to conduct a Year Spread. If you are into Tarot and want to explore it further, now is the time to go out and buy a deck that resonates with you. The Year Spread is a 13 card pull for insight into your year ahead. Think about what you want to manifest this year. January is a great time to ponder all the possibilities for yourself. How do you want to flourish? What did 2018 teach you and how will you utilize those lessons in 2019? Shuffle your cards, close your eyes and get lost for a minute. When you feel ready, spread out your cards face down and carefully choose 12. Each card will be representative of a month. Start with January and create a circle of cards going clockwise. Your 13th card will be the theme of the year. Before choosing card 13, take a few deep breaths. Inhale the new year, exhale the past year. Choose your theme card and place it in the middle of the circle. You can now blend the meaning of each card with this one for a more thorough reading. Enjoy what these cards have to offer you!


Element: Earth

Stone: Jasper

Your tools: Common sense, practicality, groundedness, gratitude, openness  

Listen to the song “Who Knows Where The Time Goes” by Fairport Convention. Be vulnerable to the beauty of this sound.

With love and encouragement,


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