Morning Rituals to Start Right Now


Who is guilty of this — the alarm goes off, you press snooze (maybe three more times than you should have), you realize you’re going to be late, you rush out of bed, rush to get ready, rush to pour a cup of coffee, and get to where you have to be in a discombobulated state, frustrated? I think we’ve all been there, but there is magic to be had in the morning time! The way you start your day can have a profound impact on your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Try setting your alarm fifteen minutes earlier and practice these steps for a truly impactful start to your day.

Tune into your body

The first thing I like to do is tune into my body. I take my hands and place them over my stomach and take three deep breaths to awaken my hara, my wombspace, my sacral chakra. This is all about creation, creativity, and listening to our own inner wisdom first thing. They say listen to your gut for a reason — that is because everything we need is right there. How are you feeling? What feels good and what doesn’t feel so good? Tune in and listen — you have your own inner wisdom.

Make It Sacred

Nothing can ease you into your day more than waking up and lighting incense, a candle, or cleansing herbs. I light a red candle for passion, burn some hand made pine incense, kiss a bayleaf and burn that, too, and anoint myself with rosemary oil on my forehead. This let’s me know the magic is starting.

This engages your senses and grounds you into the present moment, carrying you out of dreamtime and rooting you into the earth. You can do this while you're making your morning cup of tea or coffee. Let the scent of your bayleaf or incense permeate around you, and pick a tarot card, oracle card, symbol, or mantra of the day you want to focus on. I need to practice faith every single morning, because it is so easy to forget. This crucial step helps me become aware of the magic afoot in each day. This is one of the most potent recipes for living a sacred life.  Harness the day’s divinity with this relaxing, easy first step.

Write It Out

While enjoying your coffee, write down any dreams you may have had that you wish to remember. You can also write out which tarot or oracle card you picked. This creates a living log of the messages you receive each day. It may not be relevant in this moment, but watch how amazed you’ll be when it all plays out.

Then, write down the tasks you have to do today, starting off with the most important one. When you accomplish that, the feeling of satisfaction will propel you into finishing the rest of your tasks. Then you can write out a word or intention of the day. This helps to look at life through the lens of the mythic. It might help to keep a journal on your kitchen table or by the coffee pot, as a reminder to take it slow in the morning.

Be Grateful

In your journal, write down and reflect on the things you are grateful for. It sounds cliché, but it is for a reason — being grateful makes you happy. Plain and simple. When you turn your awareness towards the things in your life that make you happy, your perspective shifts. Think of more tangible things, like instead of saying “I’m grateful for love” think of a specific instance, person, or kind of love. Watch how much you’ll attract that in your life. Like this morning, I wrote down “I am grateful for astrology memes, I am grateful the nourishment I’m about to receive with this celery juice, I am grateful for morning kisses from my beloved, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be in service by meeting with Julie and listening to her process her relationship today.” What are you grateful for on this specific day, genuinely, truly and authentically?

Make Your Bed

As much as you may have resisted this when your mom told you to do it when you were younger, making your bed is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself in the morning. Your bed is a sanctuary, it is a safe place where you enter in your own mind for hours at a time. Honor this process and yourself by keeping it tidy. As I put my sparkly pineapple and blue shag throw pillows on top of my brown swirly comforter, I admire the beautiful place that holds me that I sleep in every single night. And, lets face it, nothing is better than climbing in to a made bed at night.

When you practice a morning ritual, you can incorporate a little bit of divinity and connection into your busy daily life.  This invites in the magic to the mundane. It is amazing what fifteen minutes can do for you. Use this time as an act of self-love and self-care, and watch how effortlessly and magically you can get through the day.