October Featured Artist - Courtney Baker Of Gold Fever Glass

I first came across Courtney on Instagram, and was instantly struck by her designs. I mean… how could you not be? Her art provoked so much feeling from me - a sense of nostalgia, of longing, of fun, and of other-wordly beauty (Seriouslydid you see the Pussy Portals?)

Take a trip with her and see all of what she has to offer. From words of wisdom to amazing freakin’ stained glass - She’s a badass.

Please tell me a little bit about yourself, including your full name and pronouns.

My full name is Courtney Elise Baker. I grew up in a one square mile town in the Nevada desert and have lived in Reno for the last 11 years. My pronouns are she/her.

What inspires your work and creative process // What moves you the most? // What does creating do for you?

As a kid, I was always fascinated with optical illusions and magicians. I also grew up right across the street from miles and miles of open desert. My childhood consisted mainly of exploring the desert, catching snakes and lizards, playing basketball and dreaming of alternate universes while gazing at the evening skies hunting for UFOs. I usually find myself feeling most inspired when I’m shooting a basketball in the summer nights on an empty court in the park. I tap into my childhood for inspiration more than anything. It’s where i felt most inspired and free.

Do you ever feel vulnerable putting your work out there? How do you overcome it?

Of course I feel vulnerable! I think everyone does. I don’t know if you ever overcome it, either? Or maybe I just haven’t been doing it long enough to know. But ultimately I think if you’re putting work out there that’s reflective of yourself, it’s always nerve wracking to see if it’ll be received or not. Especially when that is also the way you survive.

Do have any advice or words of wisdom for other creatives?

Have fun! Be brave and try things you normally wouldn’t. Mix colors, mediums, inspiration. Make mistakes. Fix them. And always work on being better than you were yesterday.

What do you want your art to unlock in people?

I would love if my art could unlock a sense of wonder and curiosity! Stained glass of all types is so cool!! So I hope when they actually get to unwrap their piece and hold it that it makes them smile and stare at it. Inspect it. Feel it.

Feel free to include here anything you would want people to know

I guess I would want people to know how grateful I am for the career I have. It truly is so unbelievable! My dogs and I are living a great life because people like the things I make. And that really is the most rewarding shit ever!! I am in my studio every day of the week because I love what I do so much. I can’t get away from it.

You can check Courtney and all of her magic out on her Instagram  and Website - she even posts videos of her process, and is always offering new works of art!