When Flirting With Life is Hard

As much as I preach about life being so beautiful, and making love to life itself, and how life is this amazingly powerful relationship, I have struggled (and still do sometimes) to see that, too. Which is exactly why I have dedicated my life to it. I am in no way ignoring what life can bring to you and where we are at societally and globally. 

The world is in upheaval. We’re bulldozing sacred land, nazis are walking the streets, mass shootings what seems like every week, constant messaging to hate ourselves and our bodies, plastic taking over the ocean, racism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, and the list goes on. 

And yet here we are.

Turning on a light in a room left unattended to for years. You flick on the lights in a space that you expected to be a dingy, but it is far worse than you imagined. So many souls have come to this earth recently that are filled with so much light that it illuminated the darkness in ways we didn’t even know existed. 

Where the earth seems hopeless, I see hope. People speaking out. People making personal changes to unlearn so much taught to us through conditioning. People using their money to support things they believe in. People holding others accountable, and people taking accountability for themselves. The rise in eco-friendly, healthy foods, social justice, even the boom of Instagram therapists sharing holistic psychology and spirituality. 

Our societal systems are broken. There is no more denying the sickness in our society. All of this surfaced because we, as a collective, the ones who are reading this right now and trying our best, are so filled with power and light that we are purging the world of this. And in order to heal it, we have to see it first, and we are really. fucking. Seeing it. Globally, societally, and in ourselves. 

We need to pay attention to the things that are so broken in our world. There is no option to dig our heads in the sand and just focus on the good. And, on top of that, we also need to pay attention to the ones who are rewriting the paradigms. The ones speaking out and teaching about injustices. The ones who are doing the self work. The ones that have the tough conversations with friends and family about their politics, the ones who wear that outfit even though they’ve been body shamed, the ones who are using their money to donate to causes and support a business they believe in, the ones who go to therapy or are reading books to help themselves. We need to acknowledge and celebrate the big and small victories of the day to day magic of rewriting a paradigm. 

You. My love. I want to celebrate you. The one who is doing the self work while doing the societal work. And all the hard work it takes to be here as a human trying to live a life of joy and integrity. We chose to be here at one of the most intense times of humanity. The invention and boom of technology is akin to the invention of fire. It’s this huge turning point in humanity. And with this new world that has surfaced, with all the things that are constantly occurring, with all the dark that is now coming to light, and all of the de-conditioning, learning, and unlearning that is happening — I want to say fuck yes to everyone who is trying their best. 

The world is asking a lot of us. To be able to show up, while also claiming joy, is not easy. But here we are, at the precipice of change. At the uprooting of life as we know it. And there’s still so much more to do. 

But, I really believe we’re doing it. More and more each day. Look at how much has changed in the past five years, so much has shifted — conversations, beliefs, structures, and paradigms. And we are not stopping here. 

Here’s to depth, truth, and to those willing to show up. I love you. We’re in this together. As best as we can. Every day.