The Sanctity of Granny Panties


Yes, I consider my granny panties to be absolutely sacred to me. 

For those who know me well, you know how much I love them. I have ‘em all decked out, some with giant full moons, some with lightning bolts coming out of hands, some with cronewort leaves carefully painted on. I mean the ones that are high waisted, 100% cotton, full butt coverage, cover half your tummy, and thick af. My lace thongs practically scream at the sight of them, and I tend to them as if they were the most precious things I own. 

I buy sacred undies. And I love them. And they also do so. freaking. much. for me. On the days when my brain is writing a script that my body wants to run away from, when my soul is completely checking out of my body, and my mental state of mind is not doing the hottest — I reach for my granny panties. It is my secret sacred ritual of safety and grounding (and it’s also a big middle finger to the first partner I slept with who said I could never look hot in granny panties — but that’s another blog post)

Throughout the day when those thoughts come up or I begin to check out, I feel them on my body and it draws me back in like a magnet. And then I laugh a little because I cannot believe that panties can have that power.

I could pick up a rock or a flower and hold it in my hand and it could have the same impact. But I saved up and I bought the undies because it just works for me. I also have a sweatshirt given to me by best friend’s dad, who is like a father to me, for when I need comfort and protection. It works just as well and was free. 

And sometimes, I just lean into my heals and feel the support of my own feet and the ground beneath me and that does the trick. 

My point? You don’t really need anything to be spiritual. You don’t need my kits or teas, you don’t need crystals, you don’t need sacred panties, you don’t need candles. Your body is the ceremony, you are the magic, life is the ritual. And sometimes, the divine or someone you love gifts you the most sacred objects that provide so much healing — like a tattered, torn, and perfectly worn in sweatshirt with a fish on it (I love you, Eddie!)

But to me, there is no shame in supporting people who are creating magic. Who are living creatively and want to be supported by it. Money is energy, it is a powerful force, and when used in a way that supports what and who you believe in, magic can happen.

That is why each month, I feature independent artists and small brands. Because it means something to see them create. It means something to know where and to whom my money and energy goes to. 

At the end of the day, I’m still trying to navigate being ethical, spiritual, and living in a world filled with consumerism. Honoring my time and boundaries and also living a creative life. With everything that has happened in the Amazon, and the way our society is structured in general, it is important to reflect on these things. And there is still so much to learn, unpack, and undo.

But flirt with the idea that all things are sacred. That every single time you choose to spend your money, you’re also giving energy. Engaging with the objects you already have and charging them up with your intent is an act of pure magic. And that, my loves, is how to flirt with even the most mundane, ratty, or trivial things in your home.

I do want to be really clear on something — no matter what anyone tries to sell you — you, my love, are the power here. And what you do with that power, and all the pleasures of your panties, is your magic.