Making Love with Life Itself


Life is not meant to be lived half heartedly. It is meant to be lived with fiery passion, lust and romance, like the honeymoon stage of your most intense relationship. Through amazing times and mysterious periods of growth, I want to challenge you to find an absolute love affair you can cultivate with life itself.

This means letting go of the idea that there is some force out there that wants to punish you, cause you harm, or make you suffer. You think you’re being punished. Instead, I invite you to think about it like life itself is flirting with you. It is luring you deeper with a come hither stare. 

When you find yourself fired from a job, or experience depression creeping back, or you breakup with a partner of five years, or you feel wildly alone, it is so easy to think that you’re being punished. And often, religions agree. Even the new age adaptation of Karma includes the idea that, “Whatever comes around goes around.” As if you ever did something wrong then it’s going to come and bite you in the ass. On top of that, we have these fear-mongering astrologers saying that the planets will ruin you. 

What if none of that was true. What if everything was actually working for you? What if instead of punishing you, life itself and every far out being was working tirelessly to guide you to your ultimate freedom? 

Rather than punishing us, spirit is listening to us and aligning us. The fire in our hearts has to be as strong as the consuming fire that purifies all things. The divine is working with you to rewrite the stories, beliefs, patterns, relationships, that stand in the way of your powerful truth. 

When people tell me, “everything happens for a reason,”  sometimes, I want to punch them in the face. It is the secret code for stop talking about this because I don’t know what else to say. It is usually said to spiritually bypass and numb out emotion. What I’m saying is the exact opposite.

I’m saying, in that moment, picture your circumstance as an initiation and not punishment. See it as spirit handing you a key in a dark cave of creation to your own truth and power and freedom. Can you imagine how differently you’d experience these times? Can you imagine what would happen if you saw it as life seducing you into greatness? 

The only way to reach this mindset is to pause. To be with ourselves. To feel what is coming up. To sit in stillness and silence or break down and break open. Treat yourself with honor and reverence, and the situation becomes one of honor and reverence. 

Breathe, drop to your knees, and release. Empty yourself so you could be filled with new possibility. When you honor yourself in all of your feelings, forms, and experiences, magic unfolds in your perfect time. 

Flirt with the idea, be playful with the initiations, feel into every part that comes up just as you would a great love-making session. Gasp with pleasure, grip support, and soften into it all in total trust. See the sacred there. Life is a wild ride and the most intense, passionate, beautiful relationship we have.