Ceremony, Tools, and Astrology for July’s New Moon and Eclipse


Happy new moon and solar eclipse, my loves. The new moon in cancer is a deeply emotional time of going inward, feeling cozy, held, and protected, and feeling all the feels. A solar eclipse makes this a new moon on steroids, with lasting impacts that can unfold over the course of the next six months. Since Cancer is a water sign, and the new moon invites people to go inward and feel it all, a lot of emotions may come up, especially relating to the inner child. 


This is a potent opportunity to drop in and give yourself the nourishment you’ve always needed and wanted from the most empowered part of yourself. Eclipses bring really powerful, potent beginnings and endings that are meant to serve you. Between now and the next 30 days, look out for sudden signs and shifts in your life. This is going to bring you exactly what you need on your journey, and because of the relationship to Uranus, it could come quickly and unexpectedly. This healing can go so deep if you let it.  


Eclipses tend to unearth what has been buried within us. This particular eclipse might be bringing back feelings from 2001, or 2010. Since it is in watery Cancer, it will be as deep as the ocean. 


Tonight, I don’t have a ritual to manifest anything, or to fix anything, or to change anything. Tonight is not the night to “do” — it is a night to feel. Take some time to retreat, like the Cancerian crab going in its shell. Nurture, nourish, come home to you.


The only way to get through it all is to feel it all, and this night is your perfect opportunity to do so.




Here are some tools for tonight:


Tarot Card: The Moon

Let the moon light up your path tonight. This card shows the part in your journey when you face the deepest emotions. It is a reminder to not fear — don’t use the moon a bandaid to your fear, but an opportunity to dissect and clear out what that fear is with confidence. You are being supported, and you are not alone. 


By sitting with this card you’re saying ready to create a solid trust in yourself and to wholly merge with yourself in order to receive what you want/need. This is your tangible symbol to say to the divine “I’m ready.”


Stone: Bloodstone

Bloodstone promotes self sufficiency, connection to the divine, healing, puts you in reality, gives you courage, strength, confidence, and personal power. This is perfect for this new moon as we step into our power and surrender, which is harder than fighting sometimes, and we don’t fall victim to the stars, life, or others. 


Essential Oil: Lavender 

Calm and nourish yourself tonight with some stress relieving lavender. Connect with the magic of this oil and anoint yourself with her. Soothe, baby, soothe. 



 Herb: Chamomile 

Are you feeling like connecting to the divine is hard for you? Or maybe you’re feeling uneasy about relinquishing control in some area in your life. When there is negative thoughts or perspectives or things just aren’t working out and you really think you need them too — you can call on chamomile. Chamomile helps to be open to receiving divine guidance. It also helps protect you, infuse abundance in your day, calm your mind and body, and helps to illuminate your path. Chamomile is one powerful little flower.


This healing herb can be steeped in tea, held, burned, or whichever way feels good to you. You can harvest her yourself or get her from your local herb shop. Check with your doctor and use your intuition before ingesting any herb. 


Song — Old Friends/ Bookends by Simon and Garfunkel

Let this song evoke the Cancer Nostalgia that is waiting to come to the surface. Let the sounds take you on your own journey home. 



Color —  Blue

Soothe your soul and honor your emotions with the color blue. Let your paper, candles, outfit, or foods reflect this healing color. 



Environment and Pose

Go by a warming fire if you can tonight, or be around candles. Sit, dance, circle, be. Be one with this fiery full moon.



Here’s my ritual for tonight:

Step one:

Get sensual. Put on a beautiful scent, wear something that feels nice on your skin, put on your music, get in a comfortable position, make a nourishing cup of tea. Unwind. Breathe. Feel into it. You’re here, alive, present, and about to make some magic happen for yourself. Welcome.


Step Two:

It’s time to ground out. Have you been feeling a little spacey this week? How about a little irritable? Maybe even a little unsure of yourself, your direction, your purpose and a lack of faith? Anxiety can be a little high, so plant your feet on the ground. Take a deep, and I mean deep, breath. This will help to consciously transform the confusion into creativity. This is not the time to turn to any sort of negative coping mechanism or substance — this is a time to be present. To be present means to be here, now, as your are and not worry about fixing or altering anything. 



Step Three:

Tonight, feel into every part of yourself. Start off with the physical. Sit in a quiet place, take a deep breath, and start with feeling your feet on the ground. Move slowly up your body, tuning into all the sensations and physical feelings. Then, put on your favorite songs that make you feel and think. What comes up for you? Nothing that pops in your mind is an accident. Have a good cry, have a good laugh, get swept away in nostalgia, then come back home to yourself. You’ve come so far. 


Step Four:

Connect with your higher force. Get really clear on who or what you answer to. Maybe it is love. Maybe it is God. Maybe it is the Goddess. Maybe it is Truth. Maybe it is a goddess or a god. Who or whatever it is, sit with that force after you feel everything you need to feel. Connect with them. Get clear on your connection. What does it feel like? Is it warm and comforting? Can you breathe this force into your bones, into your being? 


Step Five

Since this moon is in emotional Cancer, let the tears flow if that feels good. Take a shower or a bath. Try and immerse yourself in the sacred fluids of earth. Let yourself be held by the mother. 



In Conclusion

Make tonight beautiful, make it yours. This is your night.  Full moons allow me to go deep inside myself and let my truth surface. Sometimes that comes up through emotions, through ideas, or through desires… listen to them all. Moon cycles are opportunities. Harness this power to do the work that you’d need to do anyway, but now you are held and supported and turning it into ritual and magic. I love using this energy to gain self-awareness, strength, and sheer determination and clarity.