July Kozmic Guidance — A Time to Embrace Our Humanity


This is a jam packed cosmic month filled to the brim with happenings two new moons, two new retrogrades, two eclipses, and a ton of shifting means that we may feel slightly overwhelmed. Themes from past experiences may be surfacing to be integrated and healed, but this is not scary or something to dread! You may see a ton of astrologers trying to scare or intimidate you with all the cosmic happenings this month. But really, all of this is here as the most potent opportunity for freedom and healing we could have. Be so open to all this good that is coming your way. Get out your calendars and get ready to make your mark this month! 

July 1st — Mars Enters Leo

Starting this month with a bang! Mars is the planet that dictates how we show up in the world, what we protect, what we stand for, and how we fight. It is a fiery planet of action and energy, and it is entering fiery, lion-hearted Leo. The energy will gear up to show up in the world, and passion is fiercely present. Harness the energy of confidence and brilliance while this transit makes its round. 

July 2nd — New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Happy new moon and solar eclipse, my loves! The new moon in cancer is a deeply emotional time of going inward, feeling cozy, held, and protected, and feeling all the feels. A solar eclipse makes this a new moon on steroids, with lasting impacts that can unfold over the course of the next six months. Since Cancer is a water sign, and the new moon invites people to go inward and feel it all, a lot of emotions may come up, especially relating to the inner child. This is a potent opportunity to drop in and give yourself the nourishment you’ve always needed and wanted from the most empowered part of yourself. Eclipses bring really powerful, potent beginnings and endings that are meant to serve you. This healing can go so deep if you let it.  

Tonight, feel into every part of yourself. Start off with the physical. Sit in a quiet place, take a deep breath, and start with feeling your feet on the ground. Move slowly up your body, tuning into all the sensations and physical feelings. Then, put on your favorite songs that make you feel and think. What comes up for you? Nothing that pops in your mind is an accident. Have a good cry, have a good laugh, get swept away in nostalgia, then come back home to yourself. You’ve come so far. Make a list of all the things that make you feel comforted and joyful — and I mean really joyful, even if it’s your morning cup of coffee or going out dancing. Then find your first step to incorporating that into your daily life. The only way to get through it all is to feel it all, and this night is your perfect opportunity to do so. Get really clear on what seeds you are wanting to plant, and what parts of you are truly ready and wanting to heal. This one is a big one. 

July 3rd — Venus Enters Cancer 

To add more emotions and depth to this time, we have Venus, the planet of love and relationship enter the sensitive sign of Cancer. This is another opportunity to give yourself what you need in order to feel held. For the next few weeks, you may feel cuddly, tender, and extra sensitive. Give yourself some space to feel it all. Remember the only way to feel true love is by being vulnerable — and Venus in Cancer will make you feel more attached than usual and way more vulnerable. Cancer tends to be self-protective and cautious, so you may find yourself feeling scared of intimacy whether romantic or with family. Breathe through it and ask for what you need from the ones you love. It will be extremely rewarding when you feel all that love. 

July 7th — Mercury Retrograde

Fear not, my loves! There’s no doubt you heard of Mercury retrograde before. With all the fear, hype, and confusion surrounding it, there’s no wonder you may have immediately let out a dreadful groan when you read this date. The good thing is — Mercury retrograde, just like any other retrograde, is a necessary time to take a step back, reassess, and get all of your ducks in a row. 

Mercury rules communication, the way we think, speak, and interpret. When it stations retrograde, things can get easily confused. Electronics seem to break, brain fog can cloud you, and little tiffs and inconveniences can happen in relationships and at work. However, this is opportunity in disguise. Use this time to get really clear on what is for you, and what you should shed and leave behind. 

Mercury retrograde seems to do the heavy lifting for us, it breaks off whatever is in the way of your path. Take some space for yourself and go inward. Notice what comes up for you. Maybe your travel plans went awry, or your hard drive wiped out, or there was a massive miscommunication at work. Take space and reflect on these situations. The trick here is to go with this divine flow. Mercury retrograde gives an opportunity to test your faith, get really clear about what you want, and puts you in situations where you can see new perspectives and gain new magic.

Mercury also rules the past — so people, situations, and events from the past may surface. If you’re like me, that may spark some fear. But breathe — the only things that are going to pop up are those that are going to be deeply healed and integrated. 

Remember, astrology is not fortune telling. It is opportunity for different perspectives and to make sure you are aligned with what you really want and feel. Let go of outcomes and focus on the now and what feels right. Breathe through any anxiety (mercury rules the nervous system!) and find the truth in any situation. Let your mantra be “flow over friction” during the next few weeks of Mercury retrograde and know — what is for you will not pass you. Oh, and back up that hard drive! 

If you want more information on how to not only survive, but thrive during Mercury retrograde, watch my video here

July 8th — Chiron Retrograde

The planetoid known as the wounded healer goes retrograde today, marking a period of deep, profound, healing. The kind of healing that can change your entire being. Some deep feels might come up for you, and try to take note of them. Anything that surfaces during this time is there to be integrated and healed. Chiron energy is all about the inner child to me, and especially Chiron in Aries. Chiron retrograde is like Draino to the sludge of emotions you shoved in your depths. It will clear them out, but they will come up first. Be okay with what feels come up. Take deep breaths and try and stay present with them — give the emotions a chance to run through you in a safe space. Now is the time to tend to yourself with so much love and gentleness. Be soft and strong, my love. This is such an incredibly healing time. 

July 16th —Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

As I mentioned earlier, eclipses are super powerful versions of new and full moons. TOnight’s full moon is supercharged, meaning important closure and celebration and feels could be surfacing. This may sound scary, but eclipses bring really beautiful blessings, really powerful relationships, really potent healing, and a whole lot of opportunities. The trick during this time is to plant your feet on the ground, take a deep breath, and be totally, wildly, divinely, radically open to good things happening. Don’t block your blessings because someone was trying to freak you out. This full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn turns the energy inward. Let tonight be about celebrating your own humanity, releasing any emotions that need to come out. This moon in particular will bring up anything that is really ready to leave you that has been weighing on you. The impacts of this can last for months after in a slow unravel, ultimately leading you to more freedom and joy in your path. Breathe, my love. Be with yourself. Be there for yourself. Let yourself be nourished by the company of your own wise and wonderful self. Take some time for you tonight and tune into anything that has been coming up for you. Feel and let it flow. 

July 19th — Mercury Retrograde Enters Cancer

Adding to the cosmic Cancer flow, Mercury enters the emotional, nostalgic, and nurturing sign of Cancer, and she is still retrograde. Our thoughts and conversations may be geared towards the past, and maybe glorifying it a little bit too much. Let yourself mull things over but try not to get swept away with it. Everything you’ve experienced has brought you here, now, as you are. And it is perfect. 

July 22nd — Sun Enters Leo

Happy solar return, Lion-hearted Leo! Leo, the sign ruled by the sun, are known for their fun nature, being the life of the party, being bold, child-like in the best way, and being proud and incredibly charismatic. When you think Leo, think of the alpha of a pack of lions would act. Even if you are not a Leo, the sun moving into this fire sign for the next month will certainly add that vitality in your life. You may feel more enthusiastic, energetic, dramatic, and need to be recognized over the coming weeks. My advice? Shine, baby. Take notes from the sun and be unapologetically you. Spread your light and own your inner fire. Celebrate yourself and be proud of yourself! It is so easy to doubt and criticize yourself, and when the sun enters Leo, it is your invitation to rock yourself instead. Be mindful of being boastful or egotistical. Instead be determined, expressive, and have a little fun. You deserve it! And, if that’s hard for you, befriend a Leo — they'll help you out!

July 27th — Venus Enters Leo

This sweet transit is going to create the energy of generosity in all of its glorious forms. Maybe I tend to favor Leo energy so much because it is just so warm when it is at its best! Venus, the planet of relationship and money, enters willful and wonderful Leo and it opens the doors to massive amounts of fun, love, attention, and admiration. During the next few weeks, give your loved ones all the admiration and validation you want. Shower people with compliments and appreciation. Allow yourself to receive those in return. Be real and raw and powerfully present in love and relationship to everything and everyone in your world. 

July 31 New Moon in Leo and Mercury Direct

Congratulations my love, you’ve made it through Mercury retrograde! What was revealed to you? What has left and what has taken its place? What has shifted and shaken and stirred? What is your truth now? This new moon in Leo is a perfect time to settle back into yourself after this very cosmic month. New moons are about turning inward and self-caring. Leo, the passionate sign of the Sun, invites you to shake it all off, go back to what you truly believe in and what you are passionate about, and come home to you with all the brightness of your being. Tonight, reflect on your own radiance and strength. Write yourself a love note. Look at the life you have weaved with awe. Tune into how you want to show up for yourself and in the world. Has that shifted this month? You made it, my love. With incredible fortitude. Take care of you.