Ceremony, Tools, and Astrology for July’s Capricorn Full Moon and Eclipse


Happy full Moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn, Loves!

As I mentioned earlier, eclipses are super powerful versions of new and full moons. Tonight’s full moon is supercharged, meaning important closure and celebration and feels could be surfacing. 

This may sound scary, but eclipses bring really beautiful blessings, really powerful relationships, really potent healing, and a whole lot of opportunities. The trick during this time is to plant your feet on the ground, take a deep breath, and be totally, wildly, divinely, radically open to good things happening. Don’t block your blessings because someone was trying to freak you out. 

This full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn turns the energy inward. Let tonight be about celebrating your own humanity, releasing any emotions that need to come out. This moon in particular will bring up anything that is really ready to leave you that has been weighing on you. With Chiron and Mercury retrograde, all things inner wounds and past are highlighted tonight. The energy might bring up feelings of guilt, shame, blame, or rejection of past selves. Tonight, take a moment to honor every single part of you. They are all sacred. 

The impacts of this can last for months after in a slow unravel, ultimately leading you to more freedom and joy in your path. Breathe, my love. Be with yourself. Be there for yourself. Let yourself be nourished by the company of your own wise and wonderful self. Take some time for you tonight and tune into anything that has been coming up for you. Feel and let it flow. 

Here are some tools for tonight:

Tarot Card:  The Hermit

The hermit reminds you that every answer you need is in you. This card reflects going inward, taking space, and sorting out your own truth. This card matches perfectly with the Scorpion energy surround you, as it is truth-seeking and embraces the sanctity and wisdom of aloneness. This card also reminds you of the journey that you are about to embark on, a night of entering the mythic even in the mundane. Meditate on this card for a constant reminder that you can self-source and you have your own back.

Stone: Moonstone
Moonstone is a nourishing, yin energy that is known to aid in healing, balance, and intuition. It reminds you of the joy of sensuality while protecting you and leading you back to your own intuition and life path. 

Hold your moonstone in your hand while you process your emotions and self-care tonight. Tune into its healing beams and feel them wrapping around you. Drop into your senses and feel the stone get warmer in the palm of your hand. Access the juiciness of life by tuning into it tonight.

Essential Oil: Frankincense 
Frankincense is a powerful oil that is known to connect you to the spiritual realm while protecting and balancing you. It also is known for its deep, transformative abilities. There is a reason that for thousands of years, frankincense has been used in sacred ceremonies. It was gifted to Jesus on his birth, burned in many different religious ceremonies, and used in many meditative blends today. You can anoint your feet and head, put some in a diffuser, or place it in some water or oil to dilute it. As always, check with a doctor before using anything on your skin.

Herb: Chamomile 
Are you feeling like connecting to the divine is hard for you? Or maybe you’re feeling uneasy about relinquishing control in some area in your life. When there is negative thoughts or perspectives or things just aren’t working out and you really think you need them too — you can call on chamomile. Chamomile helps to be open to receiving divine guidance. It also helps protect you, infuse abundance in your day, calm your mind and body, and helps to illuminate your path. Chamomile is one powerful little flower.

This healing herb can be steeped in tea, held, burned, or whichever way feels good to you. You can harvest her yourself or get her from your local herb shop. Check with your doctor and use your intuition before ingesting any herb. 

Song — From The Beginning — Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
Let yourself be carried away by the message and the sound waves of this song. 

Color —  Green
Ground out and heal your heart with the color green. Step into a solid state of peace and open yourself up to this color that reflects this earthy moon — let your candle, clothes, foods, drinks, or paper be this color.

Environment and Pose
Try and plant your bare feet on the ground tonight, even if it is just for a moment. Breathe here. 

Here’s my ritual for tonight:

Step one:
Get sensual. Put on a beautiful scent, wear something that feels nice on your skin, put on your music, get in a comfortable position, make a nourishing cup of tea. Unwind. Breathe. Feel into it. You’re here, alive, present, and about to make some magic happen for yourself. Welcome.

Step Two:
It’s time to ground out. Have you been feeling a little spacey this week? How about a little irritable? Maybe even a little unsure of yourself, your direction, your purpose and a lack of faith? Anxiety can be a little high, so plant your feet on the ground. Take a deep, and I mean deep, breath. This will help to consciously transform the confusion into creativity. This is not the time to turn to any sort of negative coping mechanism or substance — this is a time to be present. To be present means to be here, now, as your are and not worry about fixing or altering anything. 

Step Three:
Tonight, feel into every part of yourself. Start off with the physical. Sit in a quiet place, take a deep breath, and start with feeling your feet on the ground. Move slowly up your body, tuning into all the sensations and physical feelings. Then, put on your favorite songs that make you feel and think. What comes up for you? Nothing that pops in your mind is an accident. Have a good cry, have a good laugh, get swept away in nostalgia, then come back home to yourself. You’ve come so far. 

Step Four:
Connect with your higher force. Get really clear on who or what you answer to. Maybe it is love. Maybe it is God. Maybe it is the Goddess. Maybe it is Truth. Maybe it is a goddess or a god. Who or whatever it is, sit with that force after you feel everything you need to feel. Connect with them. Get clear on your connection. What does it feel like? Is it warm and comforting? Can you breathe this force into your bones, into your being? 

Step Five
Since this moon highlights the past, and negative emotions and intense feelings about situations may be rising, take a moment to truly honor yourself at the time. Feel that version of you inside of body. And from this space now, this higher, more empowered, wiser space that you’re in now — be there for them. Write them a letter in total reverence, total honor, and give them the credit they deserve. We cannot always control what happens in our lives. Sometimes we turn to coping mechanisms or ways of living that were taught to us that are not in line with us now. 

Let go of the shame, blame, and regret. Embrace the fact that what you were doing, you were doing to survive. And they were doing the best they could. 

Then tell them your present time reality. Tell them what you’ve created in your life, how far you’ve come, and reassure them how you got them. You have their back, you love them, and they are so brave. 

Keep this letter for anytime you need to turn to compassion over shame. Start to show up for yourself at all times. Hold space for yourself to go through all the emotions, all the shadow pieces, all versions of you. You got you. Tonight, be the person you’ve always needed. 

Step Six

Reflect: Every part of you is sacred. 

How many times do we try and divorce ourselves from who we once were? We cringe, we run away, we hide the version of ourselves we hate the most. The one who lied, the one who cheated, the one who was desperate, or too wild, or ignorant. 

One of the most Important parts of owning, loving, and rocking yourself is to honor every version of yourself you have ever been. There is so much shame when people talk about their past selves. Whether is was a bad phase with drugs and partying, acting out of ignorance, or acting out of self-sabotage and hurting loved ones — it is all in us. And you are capable of a lot. And that is okay, as long as you look at it and nourish it, and not try to run from it and pretend like it doesn’t live inside of you. 

The “lesser” parts of you do not define you, yet they are in you. And they need to be looked at. 

It is these experiences that shape who we are, not because they happened, but because we do something with them. Your past self, in all your misery or all your glory, is a part of you. Don’t run from them. Make friends with them. Hold them tight and tell them everything is going to be okay. 

The question to ask yourself tonight is….how would you treat yourself if you were sacred? Even the parts that may make you tremble? 


Make tonight beautiful, make it yours. This is your night.  Full moons allow me to go deep inside myself and let my truth surface. Sometimes that comes up through emotions, through ideas, or through desires… listen to them all. Moon cycles are opportunities. Harness this power to do the work that you’d need to do anyway, but now you are held and supported and turning it into ritual and magic. I love using this energy to gain self-awareness, strength, and sheer determination and clarity.