July Meditation and Reflection


July is a time when the sun is high — the days are longer, the nights are filled with smoke from bonfires and laughter, and people are looking for any reason to be in celebration. There is a strong desire for happiness and harmony during this month, and July serves us a cosmic cocktail of connection and sometimes confusion. While you’re in the flow of this month, find some time for yourself to unwind and disengage. With so much energy around you, ask yourself — what is my intention in what I’m doing?

Step One

Get into a comfortable position, seated upright and supported, and take a single, deep, cleansing breath. Start a comfortable pattern of slow, rich inhales, coming from your belly, and exhale it all out. Let your mind ease with each breath you take. If your mind begins to wander out of your meditation, simply focus on the support of your breath. 

Step Two 

Now that your mind is calm, cleared, and focused, introduce the question — what is my intention in what I’m doing? Whether it is why you are pursuing your current goal, or with a relationship or friendship, or even engaging in some new forms of self-care, really ask yourself this question. Drop in fully and let yourself be curious about your come from. Why exactly are you doing what you are doing? 

Step Three

Nothing you reflect on is an accident. Look at it all with open curiosity. I see this practice akin to taking yourself on a date. Be as curious and passionate about the answers and exploration as you would someone who you’re falling madly in love with.

Step Four

Sometimes, we do things and we are on autopilot. To be able to actually be totally solid in where we are working from forms a powerful inner strength that makes you unshakeable in your endeavors. Our intention is powerful magic. It dictates how everything plays out. If you are seeing that maybe your intention is not from a place you want to work from, lovingly nurture yourself and integrate that part of you by giving it what it needs. 

When you journey into the curiosities of your own consciousness, your relationship with yourself grows stronger and you stand in your power. Allowing yourself to begin this journey is an act of self-love. Many people are holding the same intention during this meditation, making it a powerful reminder that we are all connected and in this together.