April Kozmic Guidance - A Time of Initiations


This month is filled with fiery, initiating energy! It is time to begin what has been incubating all of the mercury retrograde/ winter/ and Pisces season. Now, everything is waking up, everything is starting, and this month is about making you ready and setting the ground work to begin what you always wanted to do! Get ready, get out your calendars, and let’s go!

April 5th — New Moon in Aries

New moon, new you, new projects, too! This new moon in Aries is the most potent time to make it happen. Aries is all about the self, it is the first sign of the zodiac that tends to be self-oriented. It is fiery, warrior like energy that, when directed correctly, can make major moves in paving the way for things that excite and delight you. Get excited. Tune into what feeds your soul. Tune into what is calling you from the deepest level. Want to start a a business? Want to write a book? How about start your own moon circles? This is the best day to launch something in the whole year. With Mercury direct and free flowing, set out your magic tonight. The world needs you to do what your heart is calling you to do. It may sounds a little corny, but trust me, nothing that you are attracted to is an accident. It is a calling. Answer it tonight, my love.

April 10th — Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius

Today, Jupiter retrograde begins and lasts until August 11th. The planetary energy shifts when Jupiter goes retrograde, which happens every 13 months and lasts about four months. Jupiter is the planet of luck, joy, and success, and it usually brings about new positive experience and knowledge. Don’t worry — that doesn’t mean these things won’t come. It means that this is a time of growth, introspection, and reflection to make sure that you are ready to receive, and to also be sure that you are aligned with your own integrity, charity, and beliefs. How are you sharing your blessings? Do you feel worthy enough to receive them?

Think about what you have asked for and if you have done the self-work to achieve it. At the end of the day, you won’t be able to accept anything fully if you don’t feel like you deserve it, or haven’t created a situation where you can sustain it. Remember — you cannot receive what you are not ready for. Use this time wisely to ready yourself for abundance, and then get ready to be filled to the brim with sweet love when Jupiter turns back direct in August, so you can truly receive and enjoy the blessings that are bestowed on you!

April 17th — Mercury enters Aries

So. Much. Aries. Energy. Let’s celebrate it and use it wisely to propel our thinking forward! After that new moon in Aries and the Sun in Aries, now we have Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication, entering this fiery sign of the self. Aries is impulsive and brash, so really, really, really think before you speak these next three weeks. Whenever you feel like you’re going to word vomit up something, give it five-seconds. Aries energy also is rather aggressive, so notice where your thoughts are going? Where in your life can you approach more gently? Remember, just because you think it, doesn’t make it true. Aries is also incredibly passionate, so channel all this energy toward having conversations that stimulate your passions. This time can be really great to connect over passion rather than aggression.

April 19th — Full Moon Libra

Happy Full Moon!! This moon is such a blessing. It is the second full moon in loving Libra, meaning if you skipped the first one, here’s your chance for round two. And if you did harness this energy last month, then good news — you can go even deeper! What’s been coming up for you during this moon cycle? How have your relationships been? How have your finances been? How has your relationship to finances been? Libra rules all thing relationship — romantic, friendship, and your relationships to everything. It also is about finances. Tonight, celebrate the love around you. Dance in the delights of your doings. Love, connection, and relationship, in my humble opinion, are the single most important things to tend to in this lifetime. We are the love we give, and we are fed by the love we receive. If there is any imbalance in your relationships, tonight is the night to sort that out. But let’s make tonight celebratory. Let’s give thanks for the love and support that surrounds us all. Celebrate a hard laugh or a good cry. Go deep into the Venusian vibrations and get sensual and loving. Do what comes naturally to you, but whatever you choose, go there with your full heart.  

April 20th — Sun Enters Taurus

After a fiery Aries month, it is time to settle in with sweet Taurean vibes. Ruled by the love planet Venus, Taureans are all about comfort, security, luxury, and indulgence. Make this month a time of constructive indulgence and self-care. Find what grounds you, and hone in on what anchors you in times of stress. With all the retrograde energy about to take place, it’s a time to settle into the coziness that is you. This season is beautiful and sensual — buy that perfume, rock that jewelry, get some house plants, start a healthy routine, and hey, you might want to start a savings account, too! Taurus season is also about grounding out all the things you’ve initiated during Aries season. What did you want to

April 20th — Venus enters Aries

The planet of love enters the sign of passion and war. Prepare for some more added intensity! All things love can get hot, steamy, impulsive, and maybe even argumentative. My advice? Take a deep breath. Enjoy the passion without the drama. If there is a way to keep the peace, keep it and express any excess energy in a healthy way.

April 24th — Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

For the next five months, Pluto goes retrograde, which changes the energy of the planet. Because Pluto is the planet of deep transformation and surrender, when it stations retrograde, it becomes five months of looking inward at the parts of yourself you want to transform. Now is a time to take note of different situations occurring in your life and how they are making you feel about yourself. Is there something you notice that you are ready to change?  You now have all you need to officially make that change, and have it serve you for the rest of your life. Go with the flow, even if it feels hard. It will ultimately lead you to greater ease in life.

This is a time of deep power struggles coming to the surface to be integrated and healed. This is a time where the truth comes to light, which to some can sound really scary, but in reality, it doesn’t have to be. It leads to all things free in your mind that are correlated to old ways of thinking and beliefs. Be gentle with yourself and others during this time of discovery and surrender.

April 29th — Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn

Saturn’s retrograde lasts about five months, from now until September 6th in Capricorn. Capricorn, the sign of hard work, and Saturn, the planet of organization, structure, and lessons, makes this retrograde time an opportunity to go inward and think of all the unfinished business you have in your life. This is a time of wisdom and completion, coming back to the logistics of anything venture you have started. What in your life needs reorganizing? What needs to be restructured? For the next five months, the energy is aligning for you to get it together, get it done, and do it right. This will be a rewarding time.