Tarot Card of the Month - February



You were blessed with senses, the earth prays you will enjoy them wholeheartedly. Revel in your ability to birth, whatever it may be. Are you rooted enough to welcome abundance? Love and affection will nourish the plants.

Here comes THE EMPRESS. The third card of the Major Arcana wants to settle into your life this month. She is the mother, and counterpart to The Emperor who we visited in October. With February about to blossom, and Imbolc on the horizon, The Empress is a perfect card to welcome in Spring with a joyous attitude. She is ruled by Venus and she is of the earth- a creatrix, a representative of the senses, a caregiver, a mama. She is one half of the feminine archetype- the other half being The High Priestess.

The Empress sits comfortably, surrounded by nature. This is her terrain, and she welcomes you to join her in enjoying all that life has to offer.

This month, let’s avoid focusing our energy inwards vs. outwards, and simply be in tune with our natural rhythms. We can see winter’s end in the distance, and it’s oh so sweet to reign in a new season with openness. Enjoy your body- engage all your senses, become a more sensual version of yourself. She is the third card in The Major Arcana, think of the power of three- body, mind and soul. Fuse all the parts of yourself together as one, and become a whole being, with feet firmly planted in the earth. The Empress is the great mother- ask yourself what it is you want to birth this month. Is it an idea? A relationship? Self acceptance? Abundance? Whatever it is, put your newfound earthy energy into nurturing that baby of yours. Are you stable enough to accept lofty opportunities right now? Are you manifesting from a place of integrity? Sincerity? Gratitude? Hug yourself, find a friend in yourself, be your own mother. Practice selflessness, and reach out to those you love just to enjoy the sound of their voice.

Having trouble accessing The Empress? Take a deep dive into meditation and see if you can reach her that way. Enter the card- take a look around. Are you barefoot? If so, how does the earth feel? Walk up to her and see what happens. You may want to snuggle in her lap or just sit in nature with her- listening to the birds. Maybe you want to ask her something or compliment her. See where the journey takes you. You may end up cultivating a bond with her. Remember, all the characters in Tarot represent the many facets of us as humans and as spiritual beings- you are The Empress. This is about you. I love you!


Astro Ruler: Venus

Element: Earth

Number: 3 - Creation, expression, creativity

Stone: Emerald, Rose Quartz

Your tools: Pleasure, joy, groundedness, physical comfort, love, receptivity

Put on the song “Guinnevere” by Crosby, Stills and Nash- embody it.

With love and encouragement,


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