February Reflection and Meditation


February —  a time when the Earth is blossoming and waking up from its slumber. This is a period of change and openness for not only the Earth, but for us as well. With Imbolc arriving on the 2nd, purification and rebirth are at the forefront of this month. The biggest way we can honor ourselves during this time is to release and clear up any stuck emotions that can change the way we are perceiving life itself. If emotions are not expressed, they get stuck in us and can shift our perspective into seeing life as scary, bland, or doomed. If we feel into what we truly feel, magic is on the other side. So, this month, ask yourself — what emotions inside of me are calling out to be felt?

Step One

Make yourself at peace. Turn off your electronics, find a spot where you will remain undisturbed, and set the tone with some incense, candles, and maybe even some calm music. Once you are settled, sink into your body. Let yourself feel grounded in a seated position. Close your eyes or drift into a soft gaze by focusing on the candle’s flame.

Step Two

Begin to breathe deeply, and let every breath immerse you into a meditative state. Let your thoughts go, and if you find your mind wandering, simply observe your emotion rather than judging it and return to your breath for guidance. Embrace the knowledge that you are supported in your journey and you have a team of guides aiding you. Start to introduce the question — what emotions inside of me are calling out to be felt?

Step Three

Have you ever needed to say how angry you were, but couldn’t find the courage to speak up?  Or needed to cry but felt like it made you weak? Or pushed back fear because it was too intense? Feel it all.

Simply feel the emotion as a sensation rather than a story. When those “uncomfortable” feelings come up, maybe it’s sadness, maybe it’s anxiety, maybe it’s anger —meet them. Say hello. Don’t run away, they are little pieces of you just dying to be integrated and transformed into your own little superpowers. Meet them with love.

As I’ve learned from my teacher Layla Martin, if you can meet all of your feelings with love, you can start to see the beauty in those feelings. All of a sudden it can become a sensation rather than a story.

Real anger becomes righteous. You can see the powerful humanity of deep fear, and the beauty of true sadness.

Be so gentle with yourself. Give yourself some credit. Take the time you need. See emotions as visitors coming to your sacred temple. There for a minute to be welcomed, honored, loved, felt as sensation, fully experienced, without the thoughts creating a story that can shape your reality.

Step Four

Reflect with open curiosity on how these emotions have served you in the past. Any coping mechanism you have adopted has always protected you at some point. If you need to scream, scream into a pillow, If you need to cry, cry it all out, if you need to sing, belt it, if you need to shake, shake it all over. Move the energy out of you to fully release it. This allows yourself to fully integrate and embrace sweet release.

February is a time of openness, making it the ideal time to journey into the curiosities of your own consciousness. You are a complex and divine being capable of attracting the experiences you desire. Embrace the energy from the many people that are doing this same meditation this month. It is a powerful reminder that we are all connected and in this together. You are supported.

If you feel called, share your experience with me on Instagram @kozmicryder, or by emailing me at ani@kozmicryder.com