March Reflection and Meditation


Mmm… take a deep breath in. Something is blooming and shifting. Is it the nature outside, the little budding blossoms on the trees, or is it you?

March is a time of transformation, with the wheel turning and Ostara, the spring equinox, happening toward the end of the month, everything is being reborn, renewed, and awakened.

This month, try focusing on a part of yourself that you wish to re-awaken, come alive, be reborn. Maybe it is a child-like wonder, or sitting an empty presence, or dancing around wildly, that you wish to reawaken, reinvigorate, and revive? There are parts of us that go to rest during the winter months, just like the land outside. Now, it is time to ask yourself — what part of me do I want to reborn?

Step One

Get yourself in a position where you feel held and secure. Create a peaceful environment around you — dim the lights, turn off your phone, and set the tone with some incense, candles, and calm music. Settle into yourself and let your body and mind melt into relaxation, focusing on your breath or the calmness surrounding you. Close your eyes and breathe deep, from the belly. Feel free to sound it out of your mouth for a few breaths if you feel called.

Step Two

Remind yourself of the power within you and surrounding you and set your space. You have so many beings that have your back and look out for you in this learning experience we call life, like your guides, ancestors, angels, deities, or whoever finds their way to your heart. Think of the beings that surround you and feel their comfort, reassurance and peaceful presence. Incorporate a tangible reminder of them, like a color, a symbol, or a picture. Anything you can look at and relate it to the divinity in every situation. In fact, color, symbolism, and setting up ritual helps to activate a deep part of your brain, called the primal brain, that can heal you in ways that talking can’t.

Step Three

Now that you are settled into your space, ask yourself the question — what part of me do I want to be reborn? You are a part of nature, my love. You bud, you grow, you blossom, you bloom, you wilt, you die, and you’re born again. Don’t be discouraged if the momentum in your life slows down, or if you are experiencing a change or healing that leads to a part of you being put on the back burner for a while. Tend to yourself, and when you’re ready, rebirth and reblossom in a way that fits you now. Rekindle the part of you that wants to unearth with the changing of the season. Get clear in yourself, go inward, and become.

Step Four

One of the most beautiful parts of the changing tides of life is that you can rediscover yourself in every facet. Sometimes, when things change in you, it can feel like a death, even if it is for the better. It can feel disorienting, or there can even be a grieving process involved if things aren’t what they once were. Part or reawakening and rebirth is that it won’t always look the same. You can dance differently, you can feel comfortable in different ways, you can express yourself in a different authenticity. It is all real. And it is all beautiful. And it is all a part of this epic journey you’re creating. Get curious about you in all of your new growth.

Journey into the curiosities of your own consciousness, embrace the wisdom and reassurance  that surrounds you, and embody your own strength and power. There are many people that are doing this same meditation this month, making it a powerful reminder that we are all connected and in this together — the support is truly endless.

Ani FerliseComment