Ceremony, Tools, and Astrology for March’s New Moon


Happy new moon, my love.  New moon is new energy. This whole week is pivotal in a huge way, making tonight incredibly powerful.

This night is a powerful one. The intentions you set tonight can impact you for the next seven years.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, enters back into Taurus after being retrograde in Aries, and it will be there until April 2026. Although this planet is slow moving, it is the planet of revolution, shifts, and unexpected change, and the change it brings certainly aren’t slowly introduced. Within moments, everything can change. Today marks the beginning of a seven year stretch of hits of drastic, revolutionary change in everything Taurus is about — resources, finances, self-worth, and the Earth. Uranus is also the planet of freedom — so over the next seven years, remember that any discomfort, change, and growth is ultimately leading to expansion and freedom. How is your relationship with change? This change can happen in your personal life and on a societal scale. Sometimes, upheavals need to happen to create a better, more equal future for us all. Everything will be beyond okay, it will be the key to the future we all deserve.

We also have a Mercury retrograde in Pisces, and Chiron recently entering Aries completing a 50 year cycle. Then, we also have a sensitive new moon in dreamy Pisces. Pisces is a deeply emotional and spiritual sign. It is ruled by Neptune, which is the planet of dreams, illusions, and spirituality. So paired with this cosmic trine, creativity, projects, and emotions can come to full fruition. The earth trine will make sure your feet are planted on the ground while your head is in the stars, giving you the opportunity to pay attention to dreams, coincidences, feelings or intuition. Remember, nothing you think is an accident, even if it seems confusing or overwhelming. Everything that comes up is there for you to pay attention to.

So, long story short, we have total, amazing, beautiful opportunity for change and transformation if we don’t fall into victim vibes form Pisces. This means things can shift even if you thought you had it all figured out, and if you can truly learn to surrender into it, then your whole life can can blossom in a way that goes beyond what you could cook up in your own mind.

So now, with change and magic afoot, the questions to ask yourself are:

What do you want in your life right now?

Where do you want to go?

Who do you want to be, and who do you want to attract?

How do you want to show up in the world?

Why do you want what you want?

The new moon is all about beginnings — it is the start of a cycle, bringing about new energy and a time to turn inwards. This is the time to start something and set it out, and watch how it blooms into fruition throughout the moon phases, and in this case, the next seven years.

Here are some tools for tonight’s full moon.

Sit with them for some inspiration to rock this cosmic time:

Tarot Card:

The Moon

The Moon tarot card’s natural ruler is Pisces. Let the moon light up your path tonight. This card shows the part in your journey when you face the deepest emotions. It is a reminder to not fear — don’t use the moon a bandaid to your fear, but an opportunity to dissect and clear out what that fear is with confidence. You are being supported, and you are not alone.



Bloodstone promotes self sufficiency, connection to the divine, healing, puts you in reality, gives you courage, strength, confidence, and personal power. This is perfect for this new moon as we step into our power and surrender, which is harder than fighting sometimes, and we don’t fall victim to the stars, life, or others.

Essential Oil:


Frankincense is known as the oil of meditation and spiritual truth. Used as one of the main ingredients in the Lucid Oil in our kit, it can help clear the mind and help you release anything that isn’t truth. It can help deepen awareness and a connection with something higher and aids in letting go of anything that isn’t real.


Cronewort (Mugwort)

Cronewort is known as one of the best herbal allies for reflection, dreams, and truth. She is considered fierce, protective, and unafraid of the dark or the unknown. One of the main allies in the Lucid Tea Blend, she is here to burn or consume to aid you in getting in tune with yourself, connecting with something higher, and being comfortable with change.


Iman by Niyaz

Play this song during your water ritual tonight. It is not in English, but one of the lyrics translate to:

But it is her they long for when upon hard times they fall.

Remember you are held. Let this song take you back to what is real.



Purple is both calming and fierce, and can evoke the mystery of creation and creativity. Perfect for tonight’s dark and promising sky. Let your candle, clothes, cloths, or flowers be purple.

Environment and Pose

Get ready to move around tonight, and if you’re up for it, be prepared to go outside. But start off in a comfortable position in a cozy crafted environment.

Here’s my ritual for tonight:

Step One: Create Your Intention

Intention is everything. It helps to direct energy in a potent and powerful way. Choose what your heart is yearning for, whether it is love, abundance, a new career opportunity, inner peace, or strength. Start with this guide:

What do you want in your life right now?

Where do you want to go?

Who do you want to be, and who do you want to attract?

How do you want to show up in the world?

Why do you want what you want?

Remember to get to the root of why you want what you want, and be sure it is coming from a place of truth and authenticity, not longing or feeding a symptom of something deeper. Be clear, and try to boil down what you want into one, strong statement. This leaves room for some divine intervention and guidance. For example, my intention is, “I am completely divinely guided on my path, always in the right place at the right time, and open to receiving and giving blessings and guidance.”

Also remember that what you choose tonight can guide you for the next seven years. Own your truth. Speak it clearly. Write it out. Who do you wish to become?

Begin to gather supplies that fit your desire: candles, incense, crystals, pictures, or symbols that represent what you are searching for.

Step Two: Set Up Your Space

Choose a sacred space for yourself. Adorn your space with the supplies you gathered, and get creative! By making it beautiful and unique to you, you are pouring your own energy into it and enhancing your intention. Now might be a good time to light some candles, play some music that empowers you, and burn some incense. The goal is to have all your senses engaged, so get as sensual as you see fit.

Step Three: Ground and Cleanse Yourself

This is such a beautiful and important part of the process. Take a deep cleansing breath, and plant your feet firmly on the floor. If you choose, you can burn incense and let the cleansing smoke float over and around your body, or apply essential oils to cleanse your energy. Then focus on your breath going in, and releasing out. Slow and steady. Feel your feet melt into the floor, and allow yourself to become in tune with the space you just created. Know the Earth is right underneath you.

Step Four: Commune with Water

This is a beautiful ceremony that embodies the watery Pisces energy. Turn on some beautiful music that will allow your mind to travel. Turn down the lights. Draw a bath or hop in the shower. This sounds mundane, but when you set the intent, this could be the ultimate act of honoring and magic.

If you have access to a tub, fill it with some salt or magnesium and oils. Feel the water hold you. Feel the weightless nature of it all. Feel yourself being held. You are safe. You are in the amniotic fluid, the womb space, of the Mother. She is protecting you. No matter what changes happen in your life, you can turn towards her and she will hold you just the same.  If you’re taking a shower, anoint yourself with your favorite oil on your forehead. Dim the lights and step into the shower. Feel the water purify you — cleansing away fear. Washing away confusion and doubt. She is serving you by strengthening you, leaving you with your own holy essence, gently wiping away anyone else’s projections, fears, opinions, blockages. See it all going down the drain. Give thanks to the Earth and the water for transforming that energy into something beautiful.

When you are finished, wrap yourself in a warm towel, robe, or blanket. Feel that? You are your own care taker. All you need is already there. Feel held. Pour some water in a chalice or mug and bring it outside under the moon. Pour it on the Earth and offer it as a way to give thanks. State your intention out loud, what you are grateful for, and send out some love. Feel your feet on the ground, the warmth of your clothes on your back, and breathe into it. All you need is already here.

Step Five: Write it Out

Take some time to physically write out who you are, and who you are becoming.

What traits do you wish to fully step into? Strength, sovereignty, honesty, integrity, bravery? What are the things that come to mind?

What would this version of you do in the face of change?

How does this version of you handle anger, sadness, anxiety, and the unknown?

Who do you call on to help protect and guide you?

Give them a name. Look them in the eye. Start your relationship or make it even deeper now.  

Write them all out and put a crystal on top. Do this practice every morning or night if you can. It takes a while for your brain to catch up, so be consistent and give yourself this wonderful medicine. If you’d like more information on future self journaling, check out the Holistic Psychologist on Instagram here.  

Become. Blossom. Bloom. Expand. Face the unknown with grace and gratitude, even when it is terrifying. Even if it is easy. There is magic in change. There is power in the primal nature of the most uncomfortable emotions. You are held, you are held, you are held.

May you be blessed in all the ways She blesses.