Finding Faith in a Fish Tank

Happy New Month, My Loves!

When you think of a healing journey, what comes into your mind? I used to think of fancy retreat centers, waterfalls with crystal clear water and diving in, and feeling great and comfortable and empowered. Well… sometimes that is the case. Most of the time, however, healing. Feels. Awful. I mean ass-kicking, scary, uncomfortable, painful kinda awful. Just like a physical cut, when it starts to heal it scabs over, it gets itchy and irritated, and it’s straight up uncomfortable. But your body is healing it, and soon the wound mends.

With the planets doing some crazy cosmic dances, and some reevaluation coming up, healing from the root of the issue is at the forefront of most people’s experiences. And that is uncomfortable. It can feel like your world is being rocked. I’m going to make a comparison that might sound really “fake deep” but I had an eye opening realization. Hear me out…

I was moving the last item from my old house, the heaviest one believe it or not… my fish tank. I call my fish “the kids” and I love all eight of them. I was dreading moving them because I knew they would be totally freaked out and I was scared they weren’t going to make it from one house to the next. So I carefully put the kids in a bucket with warm water, I covered it with my sweatshirt so they would feel sheltered, and I buckled the bucket in to my front seat while playing Operator by Jim Croce on repeat. Unfortunately, nothing I was doing was easing their little hearts. They were completely panicked.

When I got to my new place, I cleaned their tank, filled it up with fresh water, added some huge quartz crystals in there to get the energy flowing, and let them back in. They were thrilled when they arrived. But that entire ride, they thought they were actually going to die. They thought their survival was threatened. They had no idea how good I was about to make their life (I fed them their coveted blood worms upon arrival, too. And yes, that’s as gross as it sounds.)

My point is, that is how Spirit watches us humans. That higher force gets us ready to heal and thrive, but it is always going to be uncomfortable leaving our old fishtanks behind. We might even think that our survival is at stake.  Blessings come when the winds of change take us into the unknown and we enter that cosmic healing journey. And if you take a step back and breathe, and really, truly listen, you might hear Jim Croce’s Operator and feel the support around you.

If you feel nervous, scared, lonely, sad, in the thick of transition… remember that you have forces around you much stronger than me and my bucket, trying to shelter and protect you, putting their metaphoric sweatshirt over you and trying to comfort you. Receive it. Be scared, but know you’re held, and we’re all in this together. Any feelings that come up are valid and act as clues to take you deeper if you face it, and face it with the support that surrounds you. Turn to faith. Turn to strength. A deeper peace and joy is on the other side of discomfort.

Happy healing my loves, I am sending you all the love and support this month.