March Kozmic Guidance — A Time of New Perspective To Blossom Beautifully

Hi everyone! Welcome to another Kozmic month filled with opportunities to grow and set out your magic. This month, we got a lot of energy that is guiding you to turn inward before becoming reborn, totally in tune with nature. Are you ready to blossom? Get out your calendars and mark these important dates! Feel free to journal about how you feel and see how it impacts you personally, too!

March 1st — Venus Enter Aquarius

Venus, the planet of love, relationship, and harmony is going into the forward-thinking sign of Aquarius. Expect the energy to shift into feelings of freedom in relationship, doing things you may not have done before, unconventional behavior, and paving a new way in all kinds of relationships. Venus is not just about romantic love, contrary to popular belief, it is about your relationship to everything in your life. While Venus is in this rebellious and just sign, try something that is out-of-the-box that calls to you. Experiment. Treat others kindly and fairly.

March 5th — Mercury Retrograde

Fear not, my loves! There’s no doubt you heard of Mercury retrograde before. With all the fear, hype, and confusion surrounding it, there’s no wonder you may have immediately let out a dreadful groan when you read this date. The good thing is — Mercury retrograde, just like any other retrograde, is a necessary time to take a step back, reassess, and get all of your ducks in a row.

Mercury rules communication, the way we think, speak, and interpret. When it stations retrograde, things can get easily confused. Electronics seem to break, brain fog can cloud you, and little tiffs and inconveniences can happen in relationships and at work. However, this is opportunity in disguise. Use this time to get really clear on what is for you, and what you should shed and leave behind.

Mercury retrograde seems to do the heavy lifting for us, it breaks off whatever is in the way of your path. Take some space for yourself and go inward. Notice what comes up for you. Maybe your travel plans went awry, or your hard drive wiped out, or there was a massive miscommunication at work. Take space and reflect on these situations. The trick here is to go with this divine flow. Mercury retrograde gives an opportunity to test your faith, get really clear about what you want, and puts you in situations where you can see new perspectives and gain new magic.

Remember, astrology is not fortune telling. It is opportunity for different perspectives and to make sure you are aligned with what you really want and feel. Let go of outcomes and focus on the now and what feels right. Breathe through any anxiety (mercury rules the nervous system!) and find the truth in any situation. Let your mantra be “flow over friction” during the next few weeks of Mercury retrograde and know — what is for you will not pass you. Oh, and back up that hard drive!

If you want more information on how to not only survive, but thrive during Mercury retrograde, watch my video here!

March 6th — Uranus Enters Taurus, New Moon in Pisces

Get ready — time to expect the unexpected. Uranus enters back into Taurus after being retrograde in Aries, and it will be there until April 2026. Although this planet is slow moving, it is the planet of revolution, shifts, and unexpected change, and the change it brings certainly aren’t slowly introduced. Within moments, everything can change. Today marks the beginning of a seven year stretch of hits of drastic, revolutionary change in everything Taurus is about — resources, finances, and the Earth.

Uranus is also the planet of freedom — so over the next seven years, one can expect to see how their personal relationship with finances can be shifted to gain more freedom. However, these next seven years will be most significant on a societal scale. The last time this Uranus was in Taurus was 1935-1942 — the time of the Great Depression.

Fear not, this is going to be a revolutionary time and necessary changes to financial structures will be made. The key to this time is to stand for what you believe in, be flexible with your finances, and be ready to go with the flow as these unexpected changes happen and when things are revealed to us. This is all up to us as a collective to change and fix what needs to be taken care of. This is not meant for anyone to panic, but to get ready for a better future and hold that intention as a whole. Just like in personal life, change and healing can be messy. But it necessary, powerful, and ultimately the best thing to ever happen.

Uranus also rules breaking down social paradigms that no longer serve us, so even if things look bad in these next seven years, breathe through it and know that ultimately this upheavals need to happen to create a better, more equal future for us all. Everything will be beyond okay, it will be the key to the future we all deserve.

March 20th — Sun in Aries

The sun is now in Aries for the next month — prepare for enthusiasm, passion, and impulsivity. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so when the sun is in Aries, a child-like wonder and sense of invincibility is present in your day to day. Aries energy also brings about a sense of self-interest, focusing on your physical body or sense of self. This is a time of beginnings, of initiation, and action. Be mindful of starting projects, because they don’t really mean anything if you can’t finish them! Start something that is going to invigorate your soul, not because of anyone else. Take this first step this month, and enjoy the excitement and passion.

March 20th — Full Moon Libra

This full moon is in loving Libra, the sign of partnership and balance. Libra is opposite Aries in the zodiac, and remember that the sun is in Aries. So this balance means that it is the perfect time to think about how your individuality and sense of self plays a part in your social relationships. It is a good time to act out of fairness and integrity, and a great time to check if your emotions and actions are congruent with your values. Let your actions reflect your ideals as often as you can. And tonight, have some fun and go out dancing. You deserve it after this cosmic month!

March 20th — Spring Equinox

Are you ready for a new beginning? This is the first official day of spring and the start of new life. The days and nights worldwide are nearly equal as the sun rises and sets in precise directions. Days are longer, things feel lighter, love and new growth are beginning to pop up. This is a time to feel revitalized as the Earth prepares to invigorate new life. Life force is present

March 26th — Venus Enters Pisces

This is an interesting transit. The sign Pisces is reflective of Neptune — deeply intuitive, bringing you to your emotions. To have the planet of love enter this water sign means we have the opportunity to reflect on love in ways we haven’t before. Not just romantic love — but all love. Pisces sees everything and loves to live in the gray are of life where there is no right or wrong, bad or good, but rather feels everything. This is a time to reflect on boundaries in love, for in this time, they begin to blur and other people’s experiences can feel like your own. Don’t take it on — just notice what the universe is bringing to you. This is a time to heal and experience love on a whole new level.

March 28th — Mercury Direct

Time to celebrate! Mercury is (finally) direct! That means the Mercury retrograde period has come to an end, and we can all breathe a hefty sigh of relief. You did it! Time to move forward with grace and ease and take everything you’ve collected from this retrograde period and put it in practice.

March 31st—  Mars Enter Gemini

Mars is the planet of action and assertion, and for the next few weeks, it is entering the curious and communicative sign of Gemini. You can expect your energy to be a bit scattered, so be patient with yourself if you feel like it is hard to get things done. Follow where your mind guides you, however, because nothing you are attracted to is an accident. Let yourself indulge in your curiosities, ground yourself with some earthing rituals to combat the airiness of this energy, and happy exploring!