How to be in Harmony with the Daily Planetary Energy


As we kick off the year, my pledge to embrace the celebration and magic in the mundane is in full effect! Let’s talk about how to honor each day of the week. There is ceremony to be had!

Each day of the week is connected with a different planet, enhancing the day’s ability to support you in different ways. Even in different languages like French, Spanish, and Italian, and roots in English, the days of the week are named after the planetary energy that governs them. Interesting, huh?

When you align yourself with the energies of each day, you can open up to fully receiving the gifts that they hold in perfect harmony. Feeling writers block? Write on Wednesdays! Feeling romantic? Get frisky on Fridays! Be in harmony with the nature around you. Are you ready?

Sunday in the Sun

There’s a reason why Sundays are naturally attuned to getting ready for the week ahead. Cleaning the house, meal planning and prepping, and socializing (hello, brunch) are common Sunday activities. This is because Sunday is ruled by the sun, the great illuminator and giver of vitality.

Use the power of the sun on Sunday. Embrace this day’s divinity by stepping outside and letting the sunbeams sink into your skin, and shining your own light in your community. Allow the energy to motivate you in completing projects, exercising, or doing something for your mental health.

Monday’s Magic is with the Moon

The moon is all about dreams, meditation, healing, and inner work. Channel moon energy and let yourself sink into your own subconscious with a deep meditation. Look up your dream symbols and think critically about the situations that are happening in your life. Today is a day to turn inward, so be quiet, patient and gentle. Go into the rest of the week with fortitude.

Tackle Tuesday with Mars

Fiery Mars is a powerful motivator. Mars in ancient mythology ruled war, making Tuesdays the perfect time for breaking through to peace in all aspects of life. This is the time to express yourself physically with dance, cardio, or kickboxing to release any pent up energy.  It is also the perfect time to do any breath work, meditation, or ceremony to healthily express your anger. This is a perfect day to show up to a meeting fully passionate about what you’re doing — mars is about how we assert ourselves into the world and what we fight for. Go kick ass today.

Weave Your Thoughts on Wednesday with Mercury

It is no accident that you are more prone to get more Instagram likes on Wednesdays! This is because Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, can aid in communication, friendship, connection, and writing. Today is the perfect day for free thinking and expression, so try journaling and then go hang out with friends and talk big ideas for a midweek pick-me-up! Now’s a great time for blogging, reading, and answering those emails.

Think Business on Thursday with Jupiter

Embody Jupiter, the ruler of expansion, wealth, and serendipity on Thursday. Use this energy to enhance your work life and address anything you want or need to do in this realm. Today is also the best day to go shopping and manifest material growth. Since Jupiter is known as “the great benefic”  today would be a great to something different, risky, and take a chance. Send that text, book that ticket, rock that resume!

Fall in Love on Friday with Venus

When you think Venus, you think love. Love manifests in so many ways — self-improvement, self-love, love for others, love for places and situations and memories. Reflect on what you love today and engage in it. Think about different ways you can embrace beauty as well. Adorn yourself with clothes and accessories that empower you. Get sensual. Really taste your food, richly inhale when you put on an essential oil, feel your body stretch in the morning, dance around the day, make love like you mean it! Let the energy of love raise the vibrations around you.

Set Yourself Free on Saturday with Saturn

Let Saturdays be the day to break down mental blockages. Become limitless in your mind with Saturn. Today is the day to be ambitious — go for gold, get organized and get clear, get strategic and get empowered. Make lists, do your chores, and get your ducks in a row.

Knowing the energy of each day is another way to celebrate the magic in the mundane and attune yourself with something higher. How do you align yourself with the energy of each day? Share how you own the power of the day by commenting below!

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