Do This or You’ll Die — A Reminder of Living with Heart


Every single day, there is a crazy astrological experiences that are happening. Eclipses, retrogrades, transits that come with a slew of warnings, limitations, and clear cut actions that we should abide by or everything will go to shit. In fact, just the other day when scrolling through my stories on Instagram, I saw someone say “2019 will be brutal.”

I’m sure you’ve seen it, even on my own page — headlines saying “Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse — Dos and Donts” the kind that can immediately instill fear if we let it. The kind that says do this or you die. Now I’m being dramatic, but I'm sure you get my point.

Well, here’s the thing. The stars can orchestrate the energy around us. But it is what is in our hearts that weave the web of our lives.

Regardless of what is happening around you — you can cook your dinner with love and intention. You can dance down the aisles to The Doobie Brothers when it plays in the grocery store. You can get into your bed at night and kick your feet in excitement the way you did when you were a child. You can call your best friend and rehash that one time you fell at the talent show when you attempted a high kick when you were in fifth grade and laugh your ass off. You can get on your knees in front of a candle and cry and pray. You can make eye contact with a stranger or you can make out with your beloved or a new fling. You can look your cat in the eye and get a glimpse of what it must be like to be them. You can watch your favorite TV show and throw popcorn at the screen and bury your face in a pillow during a particularly cringey moment. You can go get a latte and make a friend in the café. Your life is yearning to be lived with heart. These moments are constantly happening. You are already experiencing them. Do you see?

The juiciness of daily life happens regardless of how the stars are dancing. Astrology is a lens that helps us to do the work we’d have to do anyway, but this in no way robs us of daily joy. Instead, it helps us to become wiser, more compassionate, more empowered, more fully alive and ourselves! It is nothing to fear, it is simply another tool to help in the unfolding of you. So thank the stars! Thank the heavens! Thank divinity! Thank the mundane! And thank yourself for showing up and living your damn life.

This eclipse season, rock the energy by looking at the lens that it brings us. Reflect on your work and your home and family, lean into your feelings. That is the magic astrology brings us. But remember, regardless of the cosmos, if you live with heart, you are indestructible.

Ani FerliseComment