Moon Phases 101

As we enter the new year, we enter a new realm of possibility. A new beginning. For 2019, I made a pledge to bring the magic to the mundane. A powerful way of doing this is to align with the moon. Every day becomes an opportunity, a celebration, a way to set an intention and be inspired by the stars.

Did you know that before light pollution, most bleeding happened during the new moon, and ovulation during the new moon? This is how powerful the moon’s impact on us is. Half the population’s cycles are the same time frame as the moon’s cycles. And to think that some think we are separate from nature.

The moon phases take you on an adventure of self-discovery, connection, and power.

We are in tune with the moon — in constant change and transition, unfolding in phases. Everything in creation is in constant cycle. The moon directly impacts nature, turning the tides of the ocean, influencing the earth's fertile soil, and affecting human and animal's physiology. Our circadian rhythm matches the moon’s phases, meaning it impacts our energy. When you become aware of the power of lunar cycles and align your life with them, you embrace being in the flow of nature. You supercharge. You will find yourself being supported to do the self-work you would have to do anyway, but suddenly it comes with more ease and you feel truly held. It is saying yes to growth, abundance, connection, and progression, owning your power, and working your magic on your divine path.

Like the moon and the tides she turns, your life ebbs and flows, changes and transitions. From socializing to solitude, receiving inspiration to setting it out, from sadness to joy, from being confused to being sure— you are on a journey. She helps you navigate the journey through life, to the deepest inner parts of you.


At a Glance

New beginnings - New opportunities - New Dreams  —Manifestation

Set your goal, realize your dream, get clear on what you want.

In Depth

The new moon is a fresh start. A beginning. The start of a new journey. Treat each new moon like you would a new year, a rebirth, and a mark of a new cycle. This is a time to connect back to you. The sky is dark and vast — reflective of the mindset of this time. This part of the moon cycle is for anyone feeling lost in that darkness — confused, shaken up, in a transition, directionless, anxious after change. It is for those who wish to start anew after realizing something isn’t working, whether a relationship, a career path, a belief, or a way of life.

The earth’s soil is the most fertile during the new moon, and so we plant the seeds of what we want. Now is the time to get intention setting, goal setting, and manifesting. This is a time to go inward. It is a time to come home to yourself. Just like starting any adventure, you are entering the unknown. So ground yourself, settle in, get comfortable, and get clear. Engage your senses. This is the time to get clear on what you want and speak it out to the cosmos and declare your will. The energy is a magnet right now, attracting things to you.  

New Moon Reflections

What do you want in your life right now?

Where do you want to go?

Who do you want to be, and who do you want to attract?

How do you want to show up in the world?

Why do you want what you want?


At a Glance

Structuring — Motivation — Quickening — Guidance

Build the steps to make that dream happen. Look out for signs and symbols to guide you on your way. Allow room for divine intervention to help you.

In Depth

Grace, ease, flow, letting it all settle organically unfolds during this phase. Now is the time to ask yourself if your intention aligns with who you are and what you truly enjoy and believe in. It is time to start exploring the first steps, after all, manifestation is only real if you take action that supports what you want. Notice the signs, symbols, and messages coming your way. When we state an intention, we declare our will. Then, we have to surrender to see how we will be guided to it. When entering the unknown, it is always unwise to charge full speed ahead. This is the time to gain direction. Energy is more increased, making it easier to get everything up and running and to call in what you need to help you.

This is for the ones that are asking for divine messages, guidance, and intervention. It is for the people looking to surrender and let go so that they can embrace faith. This is hard for so many, especially for those going through transition or have issues with control and overdoing. In our world, it’s so easy to go, go, go. This phase reminds people that when we take a step back to receive after setting something out, it will begin to take shape. This is the phase for the ones who need to be reminded of faith, patience, self-care, and be open to divine intervention.

Waxing Moon Reflections

What signs and symbols are coming up for you?

What subtle messages are you receiving in dreams, conversation, song lyrics, or books?

How can you relinquish some control and watch what happens?

What is your motivation?

What is exciting you?


At a Glance

Connection — Emotions — Blossoming — Celebration

Make connections, celebrate, give thanks, release and realign, express yourself authentically. You have made it this far, and things are blossoming.

In Depth

This is a time of abundance and to connect deeply. This is a time of full blossom, of sweet celebration, and of partnership and relation. It's a time when emotions are stronger, and the light of the moon illuminates the things you've pushed in the dark — your shadow or your covered feelings. Let them flow out of you, let yourself unfold and blossom. Everything that surfaces during this time is to be looked at, nourished, and released. This is a time of emptying to be able to receive what you truly want — a time a realignment and adjusting. This time could also be celebration, and going outward. Your light is as strong as the moons.

This is a time to give thanks, have a good conversation, dance, sing, let your inner stirrings surface. It is a time to blossom fully outwards as you, in all of your authenticity.

Full Moon Reflections

How are you feeling?

What are you grateful for?

What is your unique way of connecting with a divine source?

What emotions are coming up for you, and how can you nourish yourself while you experience them?

What do you want to celebrate, and how?  


At a Glance

Releasing — Healing — Rejuvenating — Nourishing

Honor yourself and all the work you’ve been doing. You’ve been setting out and doing, now feed and replenish yourself. Feel into everything. Release, make peace, honor, and receive some nourishment. A quiet time of ultimate care, getting ready to begin again.

In Depth

Rest, go inward, get dreamy. Your energy may decrease and it forces you to do less and think more. This is to get clear on what you may need, to give thanks for what you have, and embrace this is a time of sweet release. Think of this time like that moment after a good cry and you feel a weight lifted off your chest, or the moment you spoke your truth to someone and you feel lighter, or getting into your coziest pajamas and settling in for the night, or listening to your most favorite song after a long day.

What does release look like to you?  A good cry? Forgiveness? A sweet dance with a loved one? This time is about cleansing and becoming whole, sovereign, independent, and aligned.

This is a healing time. This phase is for those needing to heal and be nourished. This period is the ultimate act of self-care in the most loving ways.

Waning Moon Reflections

What is your unique version of self-care, one that nourishes you on a soul level?

How can you be more gentle during this time?

What is your physical, emotional, and spiritual body craving? Can you give it to yourself?

Is there anyone, including yourself, you need to make peace with?

What do you need to release?

How do you want to cleanse and charge yourself?

Change is the only constant. Whenever you feel the winds of change, lean into it. Know that it makes you a part of nature, alive, gaining strength, wisdom, courage, and beginning a new pilgrimage inside yourself. Everything that happens is in a flow — light fades to darkness, only to bellow out again. Embracing the phases of the moon is aligning with our true nature. It reminds us that we are alive, connected, and constantly in cycle.

Reclaim your inner wildness, honor your path. Your life is unique and yours, and it is rooted and connected. You are here with purpose and everything around you is encouraging you to thrive. Can you feel it?

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