Tarot Card of the Month - December



Reality has a way of stomping on enthusiasm until the colors bleed out. Who says we can only paint in gray? To challenge ourselves is to do without expectation. When you come across a closed door, open it. One after the other until you fall into the stars.

This month, we are getting inspired by the Page of Wands- It’s time to get confident! This is a court card, like the Queen of Cups from last month, although the Pages are a different set of energies. Think of a lighthearted person with a fresh, youthful outlook- an individual who is curious about life’s possibilities. The setting of this card made an impression on me when I first saw it; desert sands, pyramids, and blue skies, that’s all we get! Its vast landscape gives us an opportunity to create our own story. In doing that, we suddenly understand the full scope of this card. Sensing opportunity on the horizon and pursuing it with openness and confidence. In the center of the card we see a young man with a feather in his cap, looking at his staff with curiosity, as if it’s about to reveal to him a quest he must fulfill. He is dressed in orange and yellow, and there are salamanders on his tunic. His appearance is representative of the fire element- passionate, courageous, and full of spirit.

So how do we access the Page? We all have a little kid inside of us, giggling with a heart of gold- the version of us that we have built walls around in order to contribute to society as an adult. What would it look like if we shed that skin for a moment? Pick a moment that counts, one that involves an adventure, a creative project or a leadership role; and I’ll let you in on a little secret, you can even choose a fear to face. Nothing is to hefty for this Page’s energy. Get your blood flowing, get your adrenaline up, approach challenge with excitement, and express yourself in the boldest of ways. That being said, keep your wits about you, and your ego in check. If you are overwhelmed about how to own this kind of energy- pay the Page of Wands a visit. Close your eyes and step into the card. What’s the weather like there? Is the Page looking at you? Ask him about his adventures, and about your own. Maybe the Page is a girl whose hair is blowing in the wind. Look at the sky and at the land. When you wake, write about your experience. You will be surprised at what it may spark in you.

The month of December is an important puzzle piece. We are coming up on the end of the year and it’s time to take stock in who we are, what we have learned and what we want moving forward. The Page of Wands inspires you to get excited about life.


Element: Fire

Stone: Carnelian

Your tools: Optimism, curiosity, passion, courage  

The whole time I was reflecting on the Page of Wands, the song And It Stoned Me was dancing around in my head. It came out of nowhere! It has just the right sound to it and I think it’s a wonderful fit.

Listen to Van Morrisons “And It Stoned Me” and dance around!

With love and encouragement,


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