December Meditation and Reflection

Floral Holiday Wreath by Sweet Talk Floral Design

December is magical. There is the celebration of Yule, the togetherness, the closeness and intimacy of family and loved ones. With this, comes a deep and powerful chance to heal and feel a lot of deep emotions. This month can open up old wounds and make you see and feel things you may have put to the side. It is time to lean in and get curious. Let this season propel you deeper into yourself, as you are, perfectly. There is an abundance of empathy and love this month more than others, so now is the perfect time to ask — what part of me needs healing?

Step One

Get yourself cozy. Grab a sweater, sit in a warm space, light some candles, and take a breath. Think of breathing in for three seconds, out for five. Your breath is your guiding force back to your meditation, so if your mind strays, come back to your anchor. You may want to light some cleansing herbs and incenses to clear your space and yourself.  There is magic afoot.

Step Two

Now that you are grounded, steady, and clear, tune into the question what part of me needs healing? This is a very loaded question that could have a lot of answers. Each and every one of us has something we have to heal. The expectation the most wonderful time of the year carries can trigger sadness. It tends to highlight what we want, don’t have, or what feels broken in our lives. Go deep into these feelings. Maybe the holidays make you think of someone who has passed, or make you wish you had a different kind of relationship with your family, or want to make amends with someone — whatever the circumstance, don’t be afraid to look at it. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to feel it.

Step Three

You cannot move on and heal from something you refuse to experience. Cry it out, hug it out, rage it out healthily. This is a form of self-care that is rarely discussed. Sometimes you need more than just some quiet time. Healing is messy and experimental because it is raw and honest. There is a reason why you feel better when you cry — you are releasing. This December, release. Fearlessly. Let the holidays be a healing time of exploration and emotion.

Step Four

When you feel any emotion, really feel it with the most you can. Feel the sense of wonder and excitement like a child would, feel love as if you’ve never been wronged, and feel sorrow with a knowing that this too shall pass, and you are healing. A part of being whole is feeling all of what you can feel, authentically. Embrace it, go deep, and set yourself free to move forward.

When you journey into the curiosities of your own consciousness, your relationship with yourself grows stronger and you stand in your power. Allowing yourself to begin this journey is an act of self-love. Many people are holding the same intention during this meditation, making it a powerful reminder that we are all connected and in this together. You are never, ever alone.