How Can You Be Spiritual and Be An Anxious Mess?


Everywhere I look in the spiritual world I see phrases like “what you think you become” and “Your thoughts create your reality” — Well, what if you’re like me and have crippling anxiety 99 percent of the time?

I would constantly panic that the things keeping me up at night were coming true. I have tried mindfulness practices, meditation, yoga, breathing — all of which would trigger even more anxiety for me. When I was a child, I would be up all night shaking in fear for reasons I couldn’t identify. As I got older and my relationship with the spirit realm was more refined, I assumed that it would get better, but in came those teachings that you create your own reality with your thoughts. When your brain is literally wired to think and prepare for the worst, how do you navigate this spiritual path without causing your life to be as chaotic as your mind?

Well, the good news is, I have thought of every terrible thing that could ever happen to me, and none of it has ever came true. This proves that it is not so much your thoughts that create your reality, but your intent and perspective. Hear me out.

Anxiety, as painful as it is sometimes, is a gift in this really uncomfortable package. The world works in opposites. The amount of love you feel is the amount of loathing you can feel. The happiness is equal to the sadness. I think that the opposite of anxiety is passion. However much anxiety you feel is can blossom into raw passion.

Anxiety is also a form of empathy. My sensitivity is a superpower because I use it as a confidant to tune in to the world and situations around me. The divine needs you to be in tune with your anxiety, not deny it in fear of creating it. It is coming up to give you a message.

It makes anxiety worth it. I would not be able to connect with people as deeply as I do without it. I also use it as my cue that I should connect with the divine and open that line of communication, whether simply sitting by my sacred space I created or saying a prayer. Anxiety is a tug at my heartstrings to tune in.

We are always in a constant co-creation with the higher realm, and they have our backs. There’s these things called grace, understanding, and love that we can forget surrounds us. When we live life with integrity and find the divinity in each day, no amount of anxiety will take you off that path. In fact, it can even get eased.

So lets drop the narrative of your thoughts create your reality. Instead, challenge yourself to face your fear and make friends with it and find the gift there, then gain the perspective. It is never far away.