Are You Ready to Get Lucid? Your Guide to Lucid Dreaming


We’ve all experienced intense and powerful dreams that can wake you from the deepest sleep and leave you breathless. Imagine if you could be so present in that dream that you can change and shift the course of it? Imagine connecting so deeply with the signs, symbols, and messages that the divine showed you in that dream? Welcome to the idea of lucid dreaming.

           What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is a scientifically proven state of consciousness and awareness while you are dreaming. It’s an “a-ha” moment when you realize that you are dreaming in the dream — and suddenly you have a sense of agency in dreamtime.

Some say you “control” the dream — you can shift objects, question people, and choose your adventure in Dreamtime. However, you’re also merging with something higher through all the signs, symbols, and situations in your dream. It is being shown to you in the way it was for a reason. Here, you can tap into creativity, receive messages from the divine or your own subconscious, and discover parts of yourself you never could see. It provides an opportunity to go into the unknown and receive exactly what you need to rock yourself.

You know you’re lucid dreaming when you can be present, aware, and engaging in your dream. You are aware that you are dreaming, and aware that you are able to create what you want. You’ll be more conscious of your physical body, the way you feel, and take note of the things that may have been blurry in an ordinary dream.

You can also start off a dream by realizing that you are dreaming, entering the lucid state, but then something may jar you or you may have an emotional reaction to someone and suddenly you lose control of the dream. An experienced lucid dreamer can stay in the lucid state by shifting the things that may seem scary to something more approachable, questioning what that being is or what it wants, or simply walking away.

               Why Lucid Dream?

Lucid Dreaming is the most opportune way to go into the deepest parts of yourself and explore while also gaining signs and symbols from a higher power. It is what started me on my own spiritual journey, learning deep truths at a very young age jumpstarted my connection and understanding of the physical and metaphysical world.

Dreamtime has been considered sacred in many ancient cultures, and dream interpretation was a coveted skill. There are many psychological studies that speak of the benefits of lucid dreaming. Because we store so much in our subconscious, it often shows up in our dreams. It is in this space that we can honestly look at, transform, or make peace with situations that have happened. It is both a healing journey and an adventure.

          What is in the Lucid Kit?

I crafted this Lucid kit with the intent for everyone to actively live a prayer. To see even the most mundane action, like sleeping, as an opportunity to connect with the divine. My biggest, greatest passion in life is to help remind people that life is short, powerful, profound, and full of purpose. This is my way of accomplishing that. I have blended together many of my studies; herbalism, aromatherapy, mysticism, magic, to name a few, to provide everything you would need to Lucid Dream. In it is a whole ritual waiting for you to engage with. Every part of the box and its filling can be used in a sacred space. I wrote a zine in the book that goes over how to use all the items in the kit, where they come from, why I chose it, and how it can supercharge you. Everything in the kit has also been sourced with integrity and created and packed with love, ready for you to engage with. Having a nightly routine that anchors in your own magic and connection with the higher force you answer to is beyond rewarding.