Navigating the Spiritual World Without the BS — A Guide to Spiritual Integrity


As I walk this spiritual path, I see so many amazing, breath-taking moments that validate my faith and open my heart in ways I can barely explain. Other times, I see things that people do intentionally, and unintentionally, in the name of spirit that makes my head spin.

From awful predictions, to spiritual manipulation, to fear-based warped teachings…I think everyone has had an experience or two when you leave feeling scared, uncomfortable, angry, or disgruntled. And rightly so.

Most of the time people mean well. There is not really a diploma you can receive to be working in the spiritual world. Throughout my years of practice, and many experiences with people being, well, people, I created this ever expanding guideline to spiritual integrity. I add to this and tweak it frequently, and if you have any additions I’d love to add it. This is an easy list to follow when choosing to work with someone in navigating this path.

Have. Boundaries. And Honor the Boundaries of Others

This means that you need to be clear on your own boundaries and communicate them appropriately. Be discerning of what you want to share and give, and what is to be kept with you. You are your own gatekeeper, your own protecter/protectress. Tune into your own personal boundaries, it will vary person to person.

This also means do not give unsolicited healing, advice, downloads, messages, or readings unless you specifically get consent. You can also tell someone to stop if they do this to you. People can get really excited when they have a message for you, and it can sometimes blindside you. Most of the time they mean incredibly well, and it is important to be mindful of who you are listening to. Which leads to my next point.

Do Not Listen to ANYONE Claiming to Know Your Path Better Than You, and Makes Predictions About Your Life or Future.

Anyone who makes a predication on your life does not have your best interest at heart. This is because you are always in control of your future and your life. If you go to get a reading, and someone tries to tell you that something is definitely going to happen (i.e your relationship will fail), know that although they may mean well, it severely lacks integrity and is very damaging.

This is because, as Caroline Casey says, prediction makes us passive, and what makes us passive is toxic. It is our job to co-create with the divine. Anyone trying to tell you your truth or future is also robbing you of precious life lessons and your karma. When you don’t learn your own lessons, you’re going to keep repeating the patterns that aren’t working for you. Prophecy is an active co=creation with the divine, listen to the messages, and do what you feel is best with it based on your own intuition.

Honor your path with authenticity and honesty

If something isn’t jiving or sitting with you, that is a pretty good cue that it isn’t really your thing. Which is okay. Follow what feeds your soul in the most satisfying way. Speak your truth even if your voice shakes, walk your path even if you have to make frequent stops. The most spiritual thing we can do in this world is to be authentic. Be honest with your strengths and your flaws.

Respect the Culture in Which the Practice Came

I wrote my senior thesis on cultural appropriation in spirituality. Yes, it is a thing. There are many times when we can inadvertently create harm to people because we don’t do the proper research. Look into everything as best as you can. Listen to the folks that come from the culture the practice came from and don’t rewrite their spiritual truth to fit your own. A huge example of this is white sage and smudging. This is a closed, spiritual cleansing practice done by some Native American tribes.

This means that it is not meant to be done by others, and the practice has become mass produced, reworked, and the cultural credit is nearly gone to Native Americans. It is not okay to further a cultural genocide by taking what is theirs. Smoke cleansing is a universal practice to turn to instead, and much more potent if you’re picking your own herbs! I love using rosemary and bay leaf and I burn it in a little mini cauldron for cleansing, or frankincense resin on a smoldering coal works too. Get creative and find your flow! Just be conscious of your impact and listen to all the cultures you are getting your practices from.

Do Harm to None

I think this one speaks for itself. I will add, however, that harm to none does not mean to not speak up or stand up for yourself or others.

Replace Judgement with Discernment and Curiosity

Be open to all the possibilities. As Caroline Casey puts it ever so perfectly, “Believe nothing, entertain possibilities. Therefore everything hereafter is offered playfully.” Be open to the ebbs and flows and constant changes of what you thought to be true. Life is ever-changing and so are you. Be open.

Walk your talk to the best of your conscious ability, in every mundane way

Go forth with the idea that in every single moment, you have the power to live what you believe. You are in constant co-creation with the divine. What are you weaving? When you are constantly living prayer, the rapid fire co-creation takes place.

I highly suggest looking at the Visionary Activity Principles by Caroline W. Casey, and The Holonic Shift and How to Take Part in It by Joanna Macy. Both of these guides have helped me immensely, given to me by my astrology teachers as Portland School of Astrology.